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  • Jerry surprisingly tucked her arm through his.
  • And her voice was surprisingly familiar.
  • This can be done in a surprisingly brief statement.
  • Themistocles showed surprisingly little joy.
  • The interval of dark was surprisingly short-lived.
  • The green depths of the lake were surprisingly clear.
  • The following letter has a surprisingly modern ring.
  • They also ascend slopes surprisingly steep.
  • Penny found her new duties exacting, but surprisingly easy.
  • But Hal seemed surprisingly pleasant.
  • Penny's reply was surprisingly calm.
  • He seemed to fill up a surprisingly large portion of the room.
  • The slim girl found the woman surprisingly heavy to support.
  • After all, our matter-of-fact world is surprisingly full of romance.
  • Laura brought them, as one would imagine, surprisingly in touch.
  • The village, too, seemed to be getting on surprisingly well without her.
  • Again Madame von Marwitz lay, surprisingly still and surprisingly unresentful.

How To Use Surprisingly In A Sentence?

  • In the mountains themselves, there was surprisingly little of the uncanny vegetation.
  • That accounts for the surprisingly large number of men one sees wounded in the head.
  • The quantity of the latter found in low-grade crepes from some estates is surprisingly high.
  • There are restaurants of all kinds at the Tivoli, some being very popular and surprisingly cheap.
  • He danced surprisingly well, as if he were really listening to the music, Joan thought.
  • The play proceeded, and the general effect was surprisingly pleasant to Edward Henry.
  • Nadine sat down and spread her hands wide with a surprisingly dramatic gesture of innocence and despair.
  • I finished the first sandwich in surprisingly short order and was starting on my second when the crowd began coming.
  • Often within a surprisingly short time the brain gathers the energies to overcome the frictions with unavoidable surroundings.
  • Great pleasure in singing, but imitation here not very successful, though surprisingly so in regard to speech.
  • He seemed in a surprisingly cheerful mood, and described his visit and the friends he had met in glowing words.
  • The autopsy showed that the frontal lobes were surprisingly small, and that there was a partial deficiency of the median longitudinal fissure.
  • If you use this system at lectures you can soon come surprisingly near to a verbatim report which will preserve something more than bare facts.
  • He went back to the control room and pulled down the panel which made available a small-scale but surprisingly adequate biological laboratory.
  • It was now three years since this part of her education had begun; and yet she had passed through the school with a surprisingly unsullied mind.
  • The training of these particular visitors, while varied and often apparently inadequate, is on the whole surprisingly good.
  • This cavity was laid open by extracting the tooth; and when the remedy was applied, the sanatory effect was surprisingly prompt.
  • Very little loss was experienced during the night, only two men being hit; and the casualties to-day have been surprisingly few.
  • He was a tall, thin man with a shock of curly dark hair that he smoothed unconsciously with surprisingly stubby fingers while he thought.
  • Shortly before the year 1847 the number of emigrants from Europe arriving in our country had rapidly and surprisingly increased.
  • The amount of sickness has been surprisingly low considering the great amount of disease in Petrograd during the last few months.
  • It was hard work, but the road was surprisingly free from difficulties or dangers until we reached within two or three hundred feet of the top.
  • The primary broadcast units were hidden behind a painted scrim over the stage, and they were surprisingly well built for a first generation tech.

Definition of Surprisingly

In a way that causes surprise because it is unexpected, or unusual.
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