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  • It seemed that surrender was inevitable.
  • This absolute surrender appalled her.
  • Courtlandt had never been a man to surrender to impulse.
  • Francia told the king that they must surrender their arms.
  • No; he would surrender his apartment to them.
  • To Thais to surrender at discretion.
  • From step to step he comes at last to surrender at discretion.
  • I shall be on my way to Genoa to surrender myself to justice.
  • With us love is more often growth, less often surrender at first sight.
  • Yes, I'm ready any time to surrender myself.
  • I will surrender my chances with Maria to no man but Raphael.

How To Use Surrender In A Sentence?

  • The latter replied that he would surrender them to none other than to the governor.
  • One force or the other would surrender after being caught in an impossible situation.
  • This surrender had no sooner been made than every man outside was her champion.
  • The second was a foolish mistake; the first was a disgusting surrender of right feeling.
  • Porter ordered them to surrender and they answered if he wanted them to com' an' take them.
  • Those who would not surrender were hunted down; those who did were strung up without a form of trial.
  • It was hard for him to go on, for it was now but a struggle against the formality of a surrender that had been inevitable from the beginning.
  • The four friends raised their hands in token of surrender as the officer and his men came toward them.
  • Our people will in the end surrender all business except that of the war, and that which pertains to the war.
  • Sheridan mounted his men and was about to charge, when the white flag betokening surrender was displayed in his front.
  • I was the only inside passenger, and there was nothing to check the entire surrender of my mind to all ghostly influence.
  • She cried and tried to regain her breath but her spirit weakened and totally fell to the surrender of his ultimate dominance over her.
  • The news of its surrender was spread all over the loyal nation with that of the great victory of Gettysburg.
  • Booth refused to surrender and tendered, as a counter proposition, a personal contest with the entire force.
  • He seemed to have resolved not to attempt to take the coy fortress by storm, but induce it to surrender by tenacious persistence.
  • But the unconditional surrender to facts, and the choice of means to reach their ends, are as admirable as with ants and bees.
  • The soul was already a captive before doubt, anguish, or dismay could touch its surrender and its exaltation.
  • He looked at me with that expression which I so well knew, as the signal for a surrender of my will.
  • Stooping down, you will then throw dust or milk at the procession, whose members are then obliged to surrender your spell-bound friend.
  • The castle was employed for the trial of criminals as early as 1324, but 1745 seems to be the date of its final surrender of royal pride.
  • After the surrender of the garrison a number of German soldiers are said to have escaped in native boats, but were recaptured.
  • But early in 1864, if not previously, the Confederates yielded the point and were anxious to surrender man for man.
  • Theodore has until mid-day to surrender Magdala; and if he does not do so, we shall storm it to-morrow night or next day.
  • He signed the surrender of Oxford in July 1646, and being excepted from the indemnity retired abroad.
  • My father, however, wrote in a threatening tone to Faulkner, demanding a surrender of the author of the obnoxious article.
  • Fear for the Divine Punishment made them surrender their faith and submit to the worship of a handful of man, as their gods.
  • When the report circulated that a surrender would probably be made the next morning, Nat went to James.
  • If he could find that it contained a single redeeming principle that was superior to the old order, he felt that he should be able to surrender his disbelief.
  • The men were posted around the tobacco shed in which Booth and Herold were secreted and their surrender was demanded by Conger.

Definition of Surrender

(transitive) To give up into the power, control, or possession of another. | (military, by extension, transitive) To yield (a town, a fortification, etc.) to an enemy. | (intransitive or reflexive) To give oneself up into the power of another, especially as a prisoner; to submit or give in.
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