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  • What did that surreptitious excursion portend?
  • The other shot a swift and surreptitious glance at him.
  • She did take an occasional surreptitious look at him.
  • Another unusual figure who possessed the penchant for surreptitious entry.
  • With his sandalled foot the friar caught the fool a surreptitious kick.
  • She was in the lowest of spirits, and blinked away some surreptitious tears.
  • I looked round, and the Countess blew me a surreptitious kiss.
  • She took a surreptitious glance at the profile of Captain Goritz.
  • Mr. Dane Montague and his friend exchanged surreptitious glances.
  • I can't imagine one meeting a man in this surreptitious fashion.

How To Use Surreptitious In A Sentence?

  • This part of the newspaper had long ago attracted me by its fine air of surreptitious romance.
  • Among us, though it leads only a surreptitious existence, it has by no means lost all influence.
  • She was quite good-looking enough to rely upon her attractions, without surreptitious assistance.
  • The mere thought of surreptitious listening in, of eavesdropping, of informing, reddened her face.
  • It was his first surreptitious taste of fame on the Atlantic coast, and not without its delight.
  • Then I bolted the door, opened all the windows, and proceeded to a surreptitious smoke.
  • Then, with a surreptitious squeeze of the hand, he left me to go to Lady Merrenden.
  • People that only noticed me before with a sort of surreptitious mockery now began to treat me with surprised respect.
  • This is a thing innocent girls exposed to the surreptitious proposals of literary men do not understand.
  • It might be that his nerves were deceiving him, but there did seem to be something surreptitious in the air.
  • By what mysterious bribery, by what surreptitious palm-greasing other people will perhaps establish.
  • He looked as if he thought it an "intolerable crime" that his own surreptitious slumbers had been disturbed.
  • The silence around the camp-fire was profound and reflective, but there was some squirming and surreptitious examination of caps and flints.
  • His father had disowned him, and, except for a surreptitious gift from his mother, he had no resources.
  • He dived with surreptitious haste down side streets when he saw her coming, or disappeared within shop doorways.
  • The dimmed ruby lights, the suggestive shadows of the tapestries, were in tune with the surreptitious mind of the secretary.
  • Then the porter appeared to reflect that a burglar would not arrive in a cab, and that a surreptitious lover would not ask for the schoolmistress.
  • He ceased to trust his memory, and commenced a series of surreptitious notes on his cuff, to the acute discomfort of his uncle.
  • Perhaps he had taken a surreptitious squint at some of the exemplary serials which Mrs. Evans affected.
  • It did not take Tiki-pu's master a night's watching to find that something surreptitious was certainly going on.
  • Time and again he went far out of his way to pass by the house near Washington Square, admittedly surreptitious in his movements.
  • Tim hustled us backstage, where Lil and I used to sweat over the animatronics and cop surreptitious feels.
  • And then, to Missy's horror, Arthur took surreptitious but careful aim with the wad.
  • They giggled and chattered among themselves, and passed surreptitious notes from one form to the other when Mr. Phillips was not looking.
  • Le Compte did not desire to see me again, and had made strenuous efforts to prevent it and secure a surreptitious interview with Lyon instead.
  • It was a shame, said the neighbors; Isom never had a son, or, if he did have one, he had no business to do any such surreptitious fathering.
  • Amanda pitied him, and flung him a surreptitious handful of corn from her apron pocket when she met him walking dejectedly in the road halfway between the two houses.
  • I have permitted you to go in and out of my house in this surreptitious fashion unmolested, from regard to old attachments; but you shall not again interfere in my family arrangements.
  • The ladies gazed past them with chill eyes; the men stared covertly, with the surreptitious envy with which even the most virtuous of men surveys a lucky devil.
  • There he was, a man who regularly faced death by more ways than one at sea, but now in deep fear that this shore-going flunky would catch him smoking a surreptitious cigarette.

Definition of Surreptitious

Stealthy, furtive, well hidden, covert (especially movements).
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