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  • Hundreds of the enemy have been surreptitiously killed for that very reason.
  • Vivian picked it up and the old lady surreptitiously patted her.
  • He surreptitiously wiped it off with a corner of his dish towel.
  • The cads of the school chaffed surreptitiously about his birth.
  • But one of us did surreptitiously attend to the spout before tea-time.
  • His eyes went surreptitiously to her face, and lingered there wistfully.
  • As the train pulled into the station, Mary surreptitiously powdered her nose.
  • And Emmy Lou peeped surreptitiously at the blue ribbon in her Second Reader.

How To Use Surreptitiously In A Sentence?

  • Before the treaty was signed by the president it was surreptitiously published.
  • He surreptitiously drank again, and yet again, for the strangers were convivial.
  • There are many billiard halls, where prohibited drinks are more or less surreptitiously obtained.
  • Aldred, surreptitiously consulting her watch, found it was just after half-past ten.
  • As he did so, Leslie felt something being thrust surreptitiously into his hand.
  • M. Nikitos doubtless obtained this information surreptitiously from the official archives.
  • A boy slipped into the Paddock and began to bet surreptitiously behind the dressing-tent.
  • Ashe lingered behind in a passage of the church, surreptitiously reading an Italian newspaper.
  • Small quantities of rifles and ammunition were surreptitiously obtained from the United States.
  • Next came Stanley, the stupid, surreptitiously nagging at the flashy black he rode.
  • Nevertheless, he tried surreptitiously to let her know the reason and so prevent any misunderstanding.
  • Everybody wakes up at once; and all the women try surreptitiously to get a glimpse of their hair in the mirrors.
  • This heirloom was often surreptitiously stolen away, and then we were able to bring down larger game.
  • As it was she thought he had been drinking, and began to prepare surreptitiously a good strong cup of black coffee.
  • The letter was genuine, though surreptitiously acquired, and was of such a character that it could not be overlooked.
  • The scratching of pens began again, and exercises were passed surreptitiously from hand to hand for cribbing purposes.
  • At the psychological moment a white flag will be shown from it, waved perhaps surreptitiously by one of the civilians.
  • Every now and then Polly would glance surreptitiously toward her companion's face.
  • It was his knife, and he surreptitiously inserted his hand, and opened it, then drew it out concealed in his palm.
  • I did, upon discovering that you were in the habit of surreptitiously carrying off kitchen-stuff, concealed within your umbrella.
  • The women had departed with the funeral, through fear, sacrificing wages and even such clothing as could not surreptitiously be removed.
  • While helping to gather the fragments of meat for burning, she surreptitiously hid a piece in the fold of her dress to take home to her son.
  • The noth-schoeppe, that is, the person who had surreptitiously become possessed of the secrets of the society, was summoned but once.
  • When exhibited to me the nose and lips were gone, as were also two front teeth, which had been torn from the mouth surreptitiously and taken away.
  • I copied from the report of 1784 a note which was probably obtained surreptitiously from the War Office.
  • So, many a little delicacy was left surreptitiously in his room; now a box of chocolates, now a slice of cake, or even a few flowers.
  • Handy Solomon and Pulz laid hand on two of the rifles near by and began surreptitiously to fill their magazines.
  • In the meantime Charley had surreptitiously swept up the chips; and had then slipped away to the river bank, for a wash and a tidy-up.
  • Evidently Slade, in trying, perhaps, to fit himself surreptitiously for larger responsibilities, had come to grief.
  • The rosters of Austria's army had been surreptitiously obtained by French agents in Prague.
  • They have no definite object of which they are in search, so that we may think the only way to thwart them is to find some object closely resembling theirs which may surreptitiously be substituted for them.
  • Now, in my decadence, surreptitiously and at second hand, I try to acquire the knowledge I then repudiated.

Definition of Surreptitiously

In a surreptitious manner; stealthily, furtively, secretly.
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