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  • In 1808 he was made surrogate of his native county.
  • New York surrogate law and practice, with forms.
  • On this evidence the Surrogate admitted the will to probate.
  • The opinion of the learned Surrogate is very able and interesting.
  • Some of his decisions as Surrogate are regarded as precedents to this day.

How To Use Surrogate In A Sentence?

  • The will was offered for probate, and we all went to Philadelphia to attend the Surrogate Court.
  • The Surrogate decreed in favor of the will, and the Supreme Court sustained his decree.
  • In 1821 he was appointed Surrogate of New York, a position which he retained for twenty years.
  • The somewhat superficial and scanty remarks of the journal were no surrogate for the clear vision and power of adaptibility of the young man.
  • Their philosophy is to them a surrogate for religion, but they should not be allowed to suppose (if they do suppose) that it is the equivalent of Christianity.
  • Two years after he was appointed Surrogate he received the following confidential letter from Mr. Van Buren.

Definition of Surrogate

Of, concerning, relating to or acting as a substitute. | (transitive) To replace or substitute something with something else; appoint a successor. | A substitute (usually of a person, position or role).
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