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  • It has ordered surveys of the coast.
  • Soil reports and surveys were furnished.
  • The other charts give the same surveys more in detail.
  • Hope is an explorer who surveys the country ahead.
  • How he surveys me for a son-in-law!
  • Our hostess surveys us with a puzzled air.
  • Then he steps forward and surveys the scattered groups.
  • When the voices have ceased, he surveys the scene.
  • Harlequin surveys everything, and runs round the stage.
  • Preliminary biological surveys of Alberta watersheds.
  • He also made surveys of rivers, harbors, and canals.
  • The little invalid, with a lordly air, surveys his dinner.
  • This is one of the most valuable surveys of ancient China.
  • What looseness characterized early surveys in Kentucky?
  • Billings surveys East Siberia.
  • Carsten Niebuhr surveys Arabia.
  • Expenditures for Surveys Detailed by Jobs.
  • John Byron surveys the Falkland Islands.
  • Pallas surveys West and South Siberia.
  • United States Biological Surveys Collection.
  • Leigh Smith surveys south coast of Franz Josef Land.
  • He next surveys the circumstances attending the progress of wealth.
  • As one surveys the race the imperative inquiry concerns deliverance.
  • Lady Ruth surveys the other from her vail to the hem of her dress.
  • The magnificent brute surveys his enemy with hatred, and makes another rush.
  • He is supplied with maps of the surveys from the central office at Washington.
  • In addition we own several old surveys which I do not include in this acreage.
  • One cannot feel the grandeur of our Republic, unless he surveys it in detail.
  • Papayo, 2 (U. S. Biological Surveys Collection).
  • He found the paper titles to the Brock and Saylor surveys perfect.

How To Use Surveys In A Sentence?

  • They might demand new surveys and new patents for land which had long been occupied.
  • And the same exclamation may every man make who surveys the common accommodations of life.
  • Stephenson, who made the preliminary surveys and specifications, was appointed engineer.
  • They speak of the island as being sixteen miles long, which recent surveys show nearly correct.
  • As if aroused from sleep, he surveys the fishermen, and stares long at the dark curtain.
  • Today a rigid bureaucracy surveys every foot of their farms, and upon every foot they have to pay.
  • Thither proceed the Ngatewhatua chiefs, with the surveys and maps of the section we had chosen.
  • He glared at Kit very much as a cat surveys a puny mouse whom she purposes to make her victim.
  • It embraces the plan, it surveys the work of the Supreme Architect of all things.
  • Who now, deposed, surveys my plain abode And his late kingdom, only from the road.

Definition of Surveys

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of survey | plural of survey
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