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Definition of Sustain

(transitive) To maintain, or keep in existence. | (transitive) To provide for or nourish. | (transitive) To encourage (something). (The addition of quotations indicative of this usage is being sought):

How To Use Sustain In A Sentence?

  • Every exertion was made to sustain the courage and enthusiasm of the christian warriors.
  • It is easily bent and is not elastic, so it will not sustain pressure as well as cast iron.
  • Her flowing dress of white brocade made no attempt to compress, to sustain or to attenuate.
  • If the Allies become the attacking parties they will have to sustain the heavy losses.
  • She had actually manufactured the product that was to sustain them through the weary day of heat and effort.
  • The hole made by the pin will sustain about the same relation to the circle that the earth does to the sun.
  • If he had been a doctor, he would have had that fact to sustain him in case he got into trouble.
  • There was not an hour during the twenty-four in which there was not dosing either to cure the disease or to sustain the system.
  • The child's milk of life was taken from him and nothing else would sustain him.
  • He had dropped down on a log, after the discovery of the dictionary, as if his knees were too weak to sustain him.
  • The practice of slaveholding, for this reason, can never be legalized, and all legislative or judicial attempts to sustain it are rebellion against God, and treason against civil society.
  • So you may do the work and we allow you to get enough to sustain life, and just as little more as possible.
  • That we may yet see how she will sustain her part in happier circumstances is my hope and my prayer, and that the time be not too far off.
  • And then there were others, which needed no speculation to suggest, and which came with the full force of documents to sustain them.
  • His heart and hope were all gone; in his mortification and defeat there seemed to him nothing left but his unbroken pride to sustain him.
  • Mrs. Hilbery would have been perfectly well able to sustain herself if the world had been what the world is not.
  • But while the workers made these products their sole share was meager wages, barely sufficient to sustain the ordinary demands of life.
  • From a very early age, too, she had to exert herself in another capacity; she had to counsel and help and generally sustain her mother.
  • Some shingle banks, now overflowed, sustain a few scraggy willows, and on the farther side is some low-lying land.
  • It is the office, however, which is very apt to capture the country boy, because it offers wages on which a boy can at least sustain life.
  • But considered apart from the relation we sustain to God, none of us are original with respect to our fellow-men.
  • May eternal love sustain you, infinite wisdom guide you, & the peace which passeth understanding reward you, my daughter.
  • Our generation was destined to sustain the unprecedented horrors of a base attempt to destroy France, that very glorious asset of all civilization.
  • The young men left their blankets behind, and, of the small quantity of provisions that remained, they took just sufficient to sustain life.
  • To him there was One who had created all things, and who was ever ready and willing to sustain His children.
  • Household-work awaited her daily after the factory-work, and a dark, strange religion oppressed and did not sustain her, Sundays.
  • In courtship's merry pastime I can lead, But not sustain your spirit in its need.
  • She went out of the room with something of the regal industry of the queen bee, as if she were the natural source of those agencies which sustain and heal.
  • The newspapers supported them in this attitude, and occasionally a sufficient number of the voters would sustain their appeals and elect candidates that they presented.
  • They are to be constant in the exercise of charity and almsgiving, to have a watchful care over all sick brethren, and to support and sustain all old men.
  • Never has the popular voice or vote refused to sustain a policy which looked to the enlargement of the area or increase of the power of the Republic.
  • It took a good five minutes before Sidney stopped shouting long enough for Judge Nelson to sustain the objection.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Sustain | Sustain Sentence

  • It was voted to sustain him.
  • Juliet now seemed scarcely able to sustain herself.
  • It has helped sustain me in the hour of fearful trial.
  • We tried to sustain that....
  • These changes will kill him, He cannot sustain them.
  • Manifestly such supplies are insufficient to sustain life very long.
  • Mechanical forces rather than volition seemed to sustain her.
  • It is apparent that these examples sustain the theory advanced.

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