Sustained in a sentence

Definition of Sustained

Held continuously at a certain level. | (music) Held at a certain pitch. | simple past tense and past participle of sustain

How to use Sustained in a Sentence?

  • It was pride and hope that sustained him through his severe course of training.
  • She had inherited from her mother a tremendous strength of will, which sustained her.
  • The nature of the woodland fighting contributed to the enormous losses sustained upon either side.
  • She was sustained by the hope that Douglass would be there to share her punishment.
  • The cause of the only loss sustained in the last scrimmage was the panic of the Sepoys.
  • The anecdote, concocted impromptu, was a wonderfully sustained bit of pure invention.
  • He was a famous "wind wagon" man who had sustained a terrible fall in an endurance race.
  • Whether the two events sustained to each other the relation of cause and effect, I cannot say.
  • A Republican Congress was elected and by inference the President sustained a personal defeat.
  • Vigilantius, a Spanish priest, sustained on this subject an animated contest with St Jerome.
  • We must now go back a few years in order to mention the great losses that the cathedral sustained in 1215.
  • All these feelings were sustained and partly inspired by the fact that her journey took her straight to the center of her most romantic world.
  • He was engaged in one or two further conflicts with the enemy, and the struggle which he had so manfully sustained was at an end.
  • He was a proud man, and his pride sustained him in this dark and incomprehensible crisis of their life together.
  • His beautiful new armor had sustained irreparable injury, and his vanity had received a mortal wound.
  • To add to his troubles his engine began missing, and he realized that it had sustained some damage that might make it stop any moment.
  • Only the immense vitality and the silent capacity for endurance characteristic of these desert-bred Masarwas sustained her.
  • She objected to appearing on the stage, and her father, the crusty old merchant, sustained her in the refusal.
  • Somehow the official side of the man was becoming less and less sustained before this woman, who had come to occupy such a big portion of his life.
  • In the winter the run was sustained at eight miles an hour; deep snows made the latter performance the more difficult of the two.
  • He jumped from his horse and caught hold of hers, so that she was able to get up, having sustained no great injury beyond the fright.
  • The Marchioness sustained him in his grief by assuring him that Ellen was incapable of anything so base.
  • There were, however, great and good men during the Revolution, who warmly sustained the affirmative.
  • That led to a rather anxiously sustained talk about regimen, and Willie told us how he had profited by the no-breakfast system.
  • We have only just got rid of slavery, sustained so long by Biblical and official sanction, and may not yet set up as critics.
  • The air passing over made the huge cable buzz as it vibrated, sounding like some of the sustained orations chanted by the monks at Halls.
  • On friction the phosphorus is ignited, the combustion being sustained by the oxidizing agent and communicated to the wood by the burning paraffin.
  • But they are fettered by routine: they are not stimulated and sustained by the consciousness that their private studies may be made directly available in the classroom.
  • I do mean that of genuine religious emotion, of the sustained ecstasy of Byrde and Palestrina, it shows no trace.
  • She knew that the happiness of which she had once dreamed would never be hers; but she was sustained by the reflection that she had tried to do her duty: she had sacrificed herself for others.
  • The action of the army was everywhere approved and sustained by the mass of the people, and the king was forced to proclaim the constitution and to swear to uphold it.
  • The faith which sustained him in his life-long blindness and life-long disappointment will scarce even be required in this last formality of laying down his arms.
  • At the present time it would be difficult to imagine that the cost of preparation alone would compare favourably with that sustained by ordinary coagulative methods.

Short Example Sentence for Sustained

  • He was only there to be sustained and supported.
  • The calmness that had amazed him sustained her now.
  • Their force of sustained suggestion was tremendous.
  • Through all the hours of trial one image had sustained him.
  • A sustained commentary on love is not fit for every eye.
  • All the time we were buoyed up and sustained by the hope of rescue.
  • It is impartially critical, in a style of sustained and caustic vivacity.

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