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  • I mean the swaggering reproductions.
  • When we were done we went swaggering back to the house.
  • They crossed the rock pan in great swaggering bounds.
  • Now, stop swaggering and arguing, and be off!
  • How I flew through the streets among the swaggering men!
  • Then Copple appeared, swaggering out of the aspens.
  • The swaggering German Baron did not ask for what he wanted.
  • Every single night they come swaggering through like this just after sunset.
  • He came back in about two minutes, swaggering with importance.
  • You must try and prevent the mater swaggering about it too much, you know.
  • He believed word for word what the swaggering Churi told him.
  • He gave a long swaggering detail of the capture of a Spanish merchantman.
  • For in America, swaggering does not necessarily indicate cowardice.

How To Use Swaggering In A Sentence?

  • His swaggering promises of yesterday had brought him as near as possible to that.
  • What more loathsome than the swaggering quackery of some present holders of the hammer?
  • But there was an air of swaggering dare-devilry about him that gave colour to his story.
  • The swaggering pomposity and fantastic ceremony of officials fill them with deserving contempt.
  • Splendid freeman, swaggering like a brigand across the war-paths of the conqueror!
  • He passed them by, and haughty tenor and swaggering basso again took heart of grace.
  • Everything went smoothly up to the last show, when he noticed four swaggering fellows come in.
  • They found the thirty forest guards already swaggering about the village as if it belonged to them.
  • The swaggering assurance of the man's laugh was more offensive than rudeness would have been.
  • I now set him down for one of those stout gentlemen that are frequently met with, swaggering about the doors of country inns.
  • You see how the hostler's boy magnifies his office, swaggering with legs wide apart.
  • Yet he was an ignorant presumptuous, swaggering compound of knave and fool, with nothing but his beauty and his dancing to recommend him.
  • While she was keeping her face in the shadow of the newspaper a tall, lean young man entered the dressing-room with a swaggering gait.
  • It must have been a vagabond robin swaggering there, really deriding nests, he found so much leisure to sing about them.
  • Instead of peasants, we see body-guards, in yellow dolmans and scarlet hose, swaggering before the doors.
  • The door was flung open and a man entered, swaggering with a great air and bearing into the slumbrous place a breath of the outer world.
  • Young gallants gorgeously arrayed were swaggering arm in arm in pursuit of adventure, in plain words in pursuit of women, the prettier the better.
  • I can never remember swaggering three abreast along the pavement and charging inoffensive visitors into a gutter when I was an undergraduate.
  • Not that his apparel had altered since I had met him swaggering upon the beach the day before, but his bearing had changed.
  • He saw the authority of the military governor in the whole swaggering pose of the man, and, for a moment, his firm lips tightened.
  • At my words the one still looked with a haughty, swaggering stare, but the jaw of the other dropped and he seemed like a man in excess of terror.
  • He carried his head very jauntily in the air, had a swaggering style of walking, and was, above all else, remarkable for his extraordinary height.
  • He came swaggering upstairs and thumped on Monty's door with the air of a bearer of king's messages.
  • The Kaiser was constitutionally addicted to swaggering war talk, but, in my judgment, he preferred the bark to the bite.
  • He said, with the swaggering manner of his class, that slavery was a "domestic" institution, and that therefore no political law could reach it.
  • For all his efforts, the tone of his disclosures was at once swaggering and suspicious; but he need have had no anxiety as to the spirit in which they would be received.
  • A swaggering young officer of the Seventieth Regiment of the Rhine staggered past them with a champagne bottle in his hand.

Definition of Swaggering

Boastful, proud, self-confident. | present participle of swagger | Boastful, blustering behaviour.
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