Swallowed In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Swallowed | Swallowed Sentence

  • Death is swallowed up in victory.
  • But he swallowed bravely.
  • The crowd swallowed him.
  • Haynes swallowed hard.
  • Darkness swallowed us.
  • George swallowed hard.
  • Sound is swallowed up in sound.
  • The woods had swallowed him.
  • They were both swallowed up in the deep.
  • That he had been swallowed up by the sea?
  • He swallowed a smile.
  • Waters swallowed and hesitated.
  • Teutoberg swallowed the story.
  • It was as if the earth had swallowed him.
  • Brubitsch swallowed hard.
  • Virginia swallowed her pride.
  • Lance swallowed his astonishment.
  • Malone swallowed with difficulty.
  • They swallowed the pills.
  • Jemima swallowed hard.
  • Porter swallowed audibly.
  • And she swallowed him whole!
  • Ronicky swallowed a smile.
  • Sam swallowed it as if it had been lemonade.
  • Sarah swallowed hard.
  • Malone swallowed hard.
  • Sheila swallowed hard.
  • Bartley coughed as he swallowed it.
  • Ansell swallowed a little blood.
  • Karen asked as she swallowed the spoonfuls.
  • The black bag swallowed them up.
  • But the giant swallowed him in the same way.
  • But he had disappeared as if the ground had swallowed him.
  • He then swallowed about a tablespoonful of the water.
  • Time and place were swallowed up and lost.

How To Use Swallowed In A Sentence?

  • The shadows of the room swallowed him up.
  • They and their villages had been swallowed up by the sea.
  • They were swallowed up before the helpless onlookers.
  • Eveley sat down and swallowed hard.
  • And now he is clean swallowed up in the distance.

Definition of Swallowed

simple past tense and past participle of swallow
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