Swallows In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Swallows | Swallows Sentence

  • For me the swallows flew.
  • And then it swallows up things so.
  • He swallows it and dies.
  • And do the swallows bring all the dreams?
  • The bird swallows the kernel.
  • May is the month of the swallows and the orioles.
  • I saw swallows flying about.
  • The swallows were flying and twittering.
  • How the swallows twitter under the eaves!
  • The black doorway swallows them up.
  • Came the swallows back to build.
  • That was the twittering of swallows under the eaves.
  • One who gags at a guinea-pig and swallows a baby.
  • The black mouth swallows it like a wolf!
  • Certain of springtime, the swallows came!
  • The swallows and the storks have gone away long ago.
  • Elephant swallows Water.
  • That which Time swallows comes not up again.
  • It made about two swallows per man, but was a lifesaver.
  • Some swallows had come in with Angela.
  • When Rahu swallows up the silver round!
  • And everyone spoke of the swallows and the South.
  • Punch Swallows groaned in a heartrending way.
  • He chews 'em up and swallows 'em like a kid eats candy!
  • Early departure of swallows from Swallow Street.
  • Value of Swallows as Insect Destroyers.
  • Gould, Mr., on the Swallows of Malta, 102.
  • In some places a whole colony of swallows had built against them.
  • It is a snake that swallows and sleeps and wakes to eat again.
  • The remainder of the summer is the carnival of the swallows and flycatchers.
  • The only swallows on my list are the barn swallows and the white-breasted.
  • The remainder of the summer is the carnival of the swallows and fly-catchers.
  • The capitalist stretches out his hand and swallows up the weaker man.
  • The small swallows in the trees near me were carefully trained in this.
  • Nevertheless, the swallows ceased not the work of destruction.
  • Yet the swallows were not dislodged, for the soldiers could not reach them.

How To Use Swallows In A Sentence?

  • The nests of swallows are of a very different construction from those of other birds.
  • Conversation glided as swiftly as a flock of swallows and in as many directions.
  • Methinks this consideration swallows up all the rest, and should never be out of our thoughts.
  • But is it not silly to fancy that swallows sleep all the winter at the bottom of the pond?

Definition of Swallows

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of swallow | plural of swallow
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