Swam In A Sentence

Definition of Swam

simple past tense of swim

How To Use Swam In A Sentence?

  • My head throbbed and swam dizzily.
  • On the water it swam fast and well.
  • A gleam of their divine refraction swam before her.
  • Harold swam with his eyes fixed upon them.
  • Everything swam before him in a sort of confused glare.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Swam | Swam Sentence

  • Then all swam before her.
  • Something dark swam about.
  • Others swam down the stream.
  • He swam to the plane.
  • Tears swam in her eyes.
  • Everything swam before his eyes.
  • Hundreds of beaver swam about.
  • I swam off to my cave to dress.
  • Turning over, he swam down.
  • She did look pretty as we swam up under her.
  • She came out after a while and swam away.
  • She swam about the green pool.
  • All things swam out into the glow.
  • My sin swam on the top.
  • They laughed at him and swam away from him.
  • We swam out to her and climbed aboard.
  • He swam about in an opaque mist.
  • The eunuch swam onwards.
  • They swam out not more than a hundred feet.
  • He swam for the passing ship.
  • Others ran and swam to his help.
  • And the sealmen swam around her.
  • Wells swam clumsily towards him.
  • Roger swam back and climbed out of the water.
  • Cortez and his companions plunged in and swam across.
  • They climbed mountains and swam rivers.
  • He did not know how long he swam in this fashion.
  • His head swam with vague thoughts.
  • I think the room swam round with her.
  • The globe swam before her as if obscured by tears.
  • His head swam with confused memories.
  • Suddenly a bright idea swam to the rescue.
  • He swam up to the boat and seized it with his teeth.
  • John stripped off his clothes and swam to the wreck.
  • I dropped under the water and swam away.

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