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  • And the swamps grew silent.
  • He had been trailed through swamps by blood hounds.
  • This life in the midst of swamps is a melancholy one.
  • Looks worse to me than the swamps of the Everglades!
  • His swamps and morasses are those of Lochar.
  • Yes, we know that swamp, and other swamps only less well.
  • They were swamps of despair as we went struggling through them.
  • The tribe are still in the malarious swamps to which they were exiled.
  • Even the glades and the open cranberry swamps are small and infrequent.
  • The frequently impassable swamps breathed out poisonous exhalations.
  • These impenetrable swamps gave security to the position of the balloon.
  • During migrations they are found in equal abundance in swamps or orchards.
  • The many lagoons and swamps seem to be their favourite hunting-ground.
  • Cutting down forests, and draining swamps is a back-breaking business.
  • And now for a moment we will run down into the rice swamps of Georgia.
  • The way was difficult, through dense timber, swamps and cane-brakes.
  • His way lay first across the dreary moors and swamps of SmÃ¥land.
  • The rivers, lakes, and swamps swarm with crocodiles, the real man-eaters.
  • Friends of us sheep on the moors and bogs, Lost so often in swamps and fogs!

How To Use Swamps In A Sentence?

  • Over in the cypress swamps we can come down on the stockade at night and surprise them.
  • These bayous and swamps abound with alligators and snakes of the most venomous description.
  • These he now found to be a region of swamps and marshes as the consequence of a rainy season.
  • But he knew the woods and swamps better than they did, and they could not find him.
  • From the point where we left the tule swamps to this place the land is really miserable.
  • While there are many of these swamps left, the appearance of numbers of them has largely changed.
  • Food in the swamps must be getting mighty scarce, or they would not be away up here.
  • Then one of the dogs found your trail, but lost it again in the swamps during the night.
  • Large portions of these swamps have been worked a second and some a third time, since located.
  • As they advanced, the banks lowered to reedy swamps and mosquitoes appeared in clouds.
  • The cypress or white cedar of our swamps has furnished individuals 800 or 900 years old.
  • On all sides tremendous tule swamps present themselves, which can be very miry in wet years.
  • At high water, the mangrove swamps present the appearance of thickets growing out of the water.
  • There were nothing but bridges, swamps and wooded islets as far as the eye could reach.
  • He had, also, a partiality for by-roads that led through swamps and close timber.
  • They wade into inundated swamps and climb to the timber line on arid, rocky mountain-sides.
  • Maladies of locality are unknown, the water is usually pure, and malarious swamps do not exist.
  • The black soils of the woods, swamps and prairies, contain large amounts of humus.
  • And in the swamps there are vigorous and tormenting musquitoes, as I have elsewhere described.
  • It may dip under water, or even split, but it seldom upsets and never swamps or sinks.
  • From the mines of Minnesota to the swamps of Louisiana came goods to serve its need.

Definition of Swamps

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of swamp | plural of swamp
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