Swarmed In A Sentence

Definition of Swarmed

simple past tense and past participle of swarm

How To Use Swarmed In A Sentence?

  • The enemy saw and with fiendish yells of triumph swarmed upon and over the pieces.
  • There were perhaps twenty persons in the place, including the children who swarmed about.
  • The stream swarmed with chub and dace, a rare circumstance with the streams of this region.
  • Our soldiers had swarmed out of the building, past a tank to the houses of some priests beyond.
  • The salmon and sea-trout had begun to run, and swarmed everywhere along the reaches.
  • The corridor outside, the gardens of the house, swarmed with men armed to the teeth.
  • The room literally swarmed with the followers of the ravisher, masked, mailed, armed to the teeth.
  • As immigration swarmed West and Cincinnati grew, his land consequently took on enhanced value.
  • But to its very edge swarmed the people with their lanterns on this night of festival in early summer.
  • He passed that stiller and humbler neighborhood, he mixed with the throng that swarmed in the more populous thoroughfares.
  • Then the rain and the thunder burst loose and the waiting town swarmed up the hill in the glare of the lightning like an invasion of ants.
  • We at last brought up at the bottom of a deep gorge, through which flowed a rapid creek that literally swarmed with trout.
  • The cemetery swarmed with clamorous beggars, who squatted with dirty cotton napkins spread on the ground before them for the reception of coins.
  • Clouds of the vicious, blood-thirsty insects swarmed about the toilers, at last making further work impossible.
  • I call it a town, for it certainly possessed one street and a bazaar, and swarmed with natives other than those belonging to the force.
  • The engineer and fireman sprang from their cab, conductor and trainmen came running up, and the passengers swarmed from the cars.
  • Fleeing to the recesses of the kitchen, he swarmed up a post and hid himself among the rafters of the roof, amid the darkness of their shadows.
  • I strolled out with a gun in the evening, and managed to bag a brace of partridges, which swarmed in the maize and barley fields.
  • It is as if the whole social form were breaking down, and the human element swarmed within the disintegration, like maggots in cheese.
  • One hundred and thirteen people came for medicines, and in their eagerness they swarmed round both ends of the tent, blocking out all air.
  • His conversation swarmed with the names of actors, singers, and dancers; but they were names that meant nothing except to the initiated.
  • Turning at bay, the Phoenicians swarmed back into the waist, waiting no scourging from their officers.
  • The timber struck the gate, bursting it open instantly, and the triumphant freshmen swarmed into the park, cheering wildly.
  • It was lined on either hand with motley dwellings, out of which a motlier crowd of people swarmed to stare at King and his men.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Swarmed | Swarmed Sentence

  • Beggars swarmed in the bazaar.
  • Children swarmed over the seats and under them.
  • Others swarmed upon it.
  • They swarmed about his quarters at all hours of the day.
  • In the evening, the lake swarmed with pleasure-boats.
  • The tree was soon found, and up swarmed the boy.
  • Fishes swarmed in the sea, lakes, and streams.
  • Others swarmed up loose ropes like Troglodytes.
  • The first day in Berlin swarmed with irresponsible report.
  • The Irish Channel swarmed with their fleets.
  • But in that square the human population swarmed in thousands.
  • Dozens of questions swarmed out of the wreckage of his waking consciousness.
  • Hares abounded on the fallows, and rabbits swarmed everywhere.
  • Instantly about a dozen bees swarmed out, and the boy started to run.
  • At last the ditch swarmed full of writhing forms and the carnage was dire.
  • Archers and other officers swarmed from the hangings, door, and windows.

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