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  • Now how is that for a swashbuckling privateer?

How To Use Swashbuckling In A Sentence?

  • He would never forget that summer night when, dressed as a boy, she had gone with him swashbuckling along the quays.
  • With such boxes of civilians we could have much more fun than with the running, marching, swashbuckling soldiery that pervades us.
  • The swashbuckling Jack Altshuler had know his many times commander even better than Cogswell had realized.
  • The fop went rejoicing at this proof that her estimate of his commanding qualities had nowise suffered by contrast with those of that swashbuckling Francesco.
  • The inflammatory speeches of Mr Saul Pedder had caused a swashbuckling spirit to spread among the rowdy element of the town.

Definition of Swashbuckling

Adventurous, exciting.
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