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  • It was as though they burrowed through swathes of black cotton.

How To Use Swathes In A Sentence?

  • Then she watched Angiolino cutting the corn, and learned how to tie the swathes together.
  • Where brown reapers in the harvest weather Cut ripe swathes of downward rustling wheat.
  • The clothes lay in heavy swathes and folds over the miserable bag of bones that had once been a tall man.
  • She did ask her, gathering up long swathes of some newly unpacked white material she carried over her arm as she did so.
  • Then he swathes a fish in succulent leaves, and buries it in hot ashes; and then he smokes his peace-pipe.
  • Their first charge in the morning only reached the German wire, and they fell in swathes under the merciless machine-gun fire of the enemy.
  • There they were, as thick as corn, one minute, and the next they lay in swathes, and the next again the swathes were one continuous stack of dead.
  • He rushed into the Home Field, jumping over the swathes till he was tired, and kicking the grass about with his feet.
  • Men and women were mowing the frozen grass with thin short Alpine scythes; and as the swathes fell, they gave a crisp, an almost tinkling sound.
  • Blazing in those eyeballs old, Swathes him, as his rank requires, Head to foot, in linen fold.
  • Monsieur de la Baudraye may live to be a hundred; but he might die in a few days if he should leave off the flannel winding-sheet in which he swathes himself.

Definition of Swathes

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of swathe | plural of swathe
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