Swathing in a sentence

Definition of Swathing

present participle of swathe | A wrapping.

Short Example Sentence for Swathing

  • 1. God this marvel did contrive, by Ciaran, in swathing vested.

How to use Swathing in a Sentence?

  • 1. I'd take to swathing myself in chiffons and have my hair a different tint each season.
  • 2. Berta's eager dark face grew sober under the swathing folds of her pillow-case.
  • 3. Lola sought to improve the occasion by swathing herself somberly and right becomingly in crape, and by vowing a vendetta against the slayer.
  • 4. We can be assured, however, that so long as women swim, they will not repeat history by swathing themselves with yards of fabric.
  • 5. The baby monkey is closely wrapped in the swathing bands with which one is familiar as the early trussing of European children.
  • 6. She had a fashion of swathing her head, cap-fashion, in wide pink ribbon, and her crepe kimonos always reflected the same enchanting hue.
  • 7. Swellings of the lower extremities are uncommon, as these people are in the habit of swathing their legs, which renders them all slender and well shaped.
  • 8. Down from the wondrous face melted the rounded column of her throat to merge into exquisite curves of shoulders and breasts, half revealed beneath the swathing veils.