Swayed In A Sentence

How To Use Swayed In A Sentence?

  • So he swayed up on his toes and glanced in the glass and was glad of his thinness and tallness.
  • The newspaper finally slipped from his hands to the floor where it swayed and rustled unnoticed.
  • Nobody touched it, nor was there any string, but as it rose it swayed with sickening monotony.
  • Christianity meant a new life, swayed by new motives, governed by new principles.
  • The Mogul swayed and lurched as it tore along with all steam up on its mission of destruction.
  • The golden glory that drowned and crowned me Eddied and swayed through the room . . .
  • Now and then he looked up at the stars, and what he saw there swayed him level with the men about him.
  • My moral strength was not equal to the tide, and all my passions swayed me whithersoever they chose.
  • Then the man strangely swayed and tottered in front of the very door where the calm resolute woman had entered but a few minutes before.
  • Others were below, reached from the road by means of ladders, that trembled and swayed over the dizzying waterfall.
  • He swayed a little as he walked and the aroma of whisky came with him, but otherwise he seemed perfectly sober.
  • As he entered the gay ball-room, his lofty plumage swayed grandly and a glittering tomahawk shone from his girdle.
  • The foliage swayed in the night wind, and the argent light of the moon ran in fleeting bars through the dim recesses of the forest.
  • I don't think that even then I was swayed by any crude melodramatic conception of injustice.
  • I was a devil; my violin was a devil," and the shadows on the wall swayed like accusing spirits.
  • Thin streams of water, that were mere films of mist, swayed and undulated downward in sheer descents of hundreds of feet.
  • The carriage swayed at high speed round three sharp corners in succession before the Rangar spoke again.
  • He swayed a little, then suddenly broke into a run whose speed kept him from falling and preserved his balance like a spinning top.
  • The rider seemed as weak as the horse, for he swayed in the saddle as he rode, and the bridle reins hung limp in his hands.
  • The words seemed to come from far away, and Eustace felt so queer he swayed to try and keep his balance.
  • It swayed slowly as it ran towards us, and, suddenly, the darker shadow as of a great pointed wing appeared gliding in the night.
  • For a few minutes after that Rewa Gunga held his peace, while the carriage swayed at breakneck speed through the swarming streets.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Swayed | Swayed Sentence

  • She swayed in the saddle.
  • Murray swayed up a little on his toes.
  • He seemed swayed by conflicting emotions.
  • Lessingham swayed for a moment upon his feet.
  • The lightened boat swayed on the water.
  • The train swayed and rattled on its way.
  • The group swayed back and forth.
  • Birds swayed among the blossoming branches of the trees.
  • He found himself swayed at last by a grand passion.
  • I swayed strongly towards the latter as the journey progressed.
  • There came a shock that actually swayed the hill they stood on.
  • It swayed gently to and fro in harmony with the movement of the branches.
  • She sat with arms raised and swayed from the waist as if in a delirium.
  • She swayed and swung and swept from side to side as though on wings.
  • The chief swayed unsteadily as he talked, and once his voice rose.
  • There was a fresh breeze stirring, and he swayed to and fro with the branches.
  • The girl swayed to Boyar's quick, swinging walk.
  • As they stood thus, Captain Jack's body swayed slightly and became limp.

Definition of Swayed

Bent backwards, as in swayback | simple past tense and past participle of sway
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