Swear In In A Sentence

Definition of Swear In

(transitive) To administer an oath to, as an oath of office or of citizenship.

How To Use Swear In In A Sentence?

  • With one accord the soldiers began to curse and swear in the most frightful manner and to insist on speedy vengeance.
  • Again he shot and missed it, whereon he began to curse and to swear in his own royal oaths, and the charioteer trembled.
  • He was familiar with all literary and scientific data, and according to Clemens could swear in twenty-seven languages.
  • If necessary I'm ordering you to swear in court that I was here all day and night.
  • The authorities considered conditions so grave that it was decided to swear in immediately 1,000 special policemen armed with rifles furnished by the federal government.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Swear In | Swear In Sentence

  • But did you swear in earnest?
  • The little man with the glasses began to swear in his high falsetto.

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