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  • Came a wave sweeping over the ship mightier than the rest.
  • Sometimes he flies from town to town sweeping the streets.
  • It is an insurrection, a boiling over, a sweeping storm.
  • He was sweeping the harp-strings with long, bony fingers.
  • The same fellow who has been sweeping away all the honors of his day.
  • Within a minute there were a hundred men busy on sweeping up the splinters.
  • Her dress was of an ancient fashion, ample in volume and sweeping the floor.

How To Use Sweeping In A Sentence?

  • Sometimes the wind sweeping through the cavern scattered the leaves broadcast through the world.
  • With a sweeping gesture he stilled the babel of voices that was beginning to rise.
  • He was conscious of a sudden wave of disappointment sweeping over him as the three left him.
  • He accepted at once, with his air of sweeping aside everything but the matter in hand.
  • It made his sweeping promise to mother suddenly seem to have been very ill-advised indeed.
  • She was the wind that follows it, sweeping among the junipers and kissing each as she came.
  • Her mother knelt beside, weeping bitterly, her silver-gray dress sweeping the carpet.
  • It was late when Menard took a last sweeping look at the river and walked up to the citadel.
  • He was carelessly sweeping the money into his pocket when Mitchell, his partner, checked him.
  • From the streams and founts I have loosed the chain; They are sweeping on to the silvery main.
  • After the review Louis XVI. met with a child sweeping the street, who asked him for money.
  • In the train we read the first intimations that the victory of our party was likely to be a sweeping one.
  • Some poor natives were busy sweeping the street and gathering up the grain that lost out of the sacks.
  • Fortunately we have in this case the alleged source, and can meet the scholiast with a sweeping denial.
  • It is the blast of the universal sweeping away all the habitations and fixed structures of particularist life.
  • The wind sweeping in the darkness the broadside of the sierra worried his ears by a continuous roaring noise as of a maddened sea.
  • Their course lay northward now, and wind and wave were sweeping them toward the perilous northern seas.
  • Ten seconds later, and he was sweeping up the opposite slope at a speed that it seemed could never slacken.
  • She was clothed in white satin, and a faded myrtle wreath was twisted through the powdered locks beneath her sweeping veil.
  • The occupants of the buggy had also succeeded in climbing to safety, but the second horse had been carried away by the sweeping waters.
  • A pleasant breeze came sweeping lazily over the lake, and went sighing and moaning among the old forest trees.
  • He replaced his hat with a sweeping bow, touched the black horse lightly with a spurred heel, and was gone.
  • One might have heard, sweeping the soft and silken curtains of its oblivion, the rough rush of a disturbing wind!
  • A heavy wind came up, sweeping the dust across the flat in clouds, and still the cutters rode and roped.
  • There was apparently no pause in his actions as he gathered Griffiths in his arms and carried him up the steep steps in a sweeping rush.
  • The yeomanry pursued with shouts and jeers, following fast over rock and boulder, sweeping the rebels before them as a broom sweeps chaff.
  • Jolly was rearranging the chairs after sweeping out the playhouse and Pep was dusting, when there came a summons at the front door.
  • The fact itself was no surprise to them; the clearance had naturally been one of the first of the sweeping changes of the Treherne regime.
  • There is a father-land of the soul, which has no limits to him who, far sweeping on the wings of song and history, goes forth over many lands.
  • He has loosed the Singing Sands from their place, and they are sweeping over the desert to overwhelm you.
  • The two German destroyers were sweeping down on the helpless boat ahead, the missiles from their light guns playing a regular tattoo on her.
  • The Trojan heroism of the army, despite its lack of sweeping victory, will enrich military history for all time.
  • Something warm and sweet seemed to be sweeping over me in great waves, and I felt young and close up to some sort of big world-good.

Definition of Sweeping

wide, broad, affecting or touching upon many things | Completely overwhelming | present participle of sweep
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