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  • It will be sweeter than ever.
  • You might have invented a sweeter torture.
  • In sweeter music dies away.
  • No sweeter hour will bring to thee the day.
  • No sweeter incense than this, ever ascends to heaven.
  • Are sweeter far a thousand times, oh, sweeter far.
  • I shall demand from Heaven Far sweeter bliss.
  • In sweeter notes than Thracian Orpheus ever played.
  • The home-coming would be the sweeter for its being unheralded.
  • He averred this saccharine to be 250 times sweeter than sugar.
  • His tongue is sweeter than dates but his hands are as hard as sticks.
  • But the music of the machine sounded still sweeter next morning.
  • Of me recover'd, sweeter the enjoyment.
  • Her face is sweeter than ever, though still more melancholy.
  • My dear, Thank you for your sweet note and sweeter poetry.
  • She had a way with him that was sweeter to him even than Caroline's way.

How To Use Sweeter In A Sentence?

  • Each day he admired her more and more; and each day he found her sweeter than she had been before.
  • Your favourite instrument is again whole and entire, and sweeter toned than ever.
  • I trust the child may never find out that a tolling bell is sweeter than a wedding peal.
  • Thus is forbearance sweeter than honey, and profitable to the Lord who dwelleth in it.
  • One hundred and fifty-sixth day, child refuses breast, having had sweeter milk.
  • Boldly she sings, to the merry tune she marches, Brave is her shape, and sweeter unpossessed.
  • She had never called me Jack before, and by Jove, it sounded sweeter to me than a wedding march.
  • O voice, than Zephyr sweeter far to me; More noble autumn-fruit could never be.
  • The man who said, "The harder the toil, the sweeter the rest," never was profoundly tired.
  • O, high above the sounding pine, And richer, sweeter far, The wild thyme wakes.
  • Success achieved in spite of such drawbacks is all the sweeter and all the more inspiriting because of them.
  • And surely there is no sweeter memory in the world than the recollection of having been allowed to do this.
  • Her eyes like a dart, Have pierced my heart, Oh, sweeter than honey is Dolly.
  • It was for them to come to him for the signs and tokens of love, and it was all the sweeter to him when they did so.
  • It was a land of the individual; and a sweeter land than that for a man was never known in all the world.
  • In the trees were birds whose songs sounded sweeter than the music of the waves that had so often lulled her to sleep.
  • It seemed to him as if her eyes were brighter, her features more enchanting, her lips sweeter than ever they had been.
  • If often happens, that the sweeter the first fruit of a habit is, the more bitter are the consequences.
  • Then there was also the silence, at first so strange as to be almost oppressive, but later on sweeter than music.
  • His song is not so brisk and varied as that of the song-sparrow, being softer and wilder, sweeter and more plaintive.
  • Look at the bright colours of this beautiful little bird: you can scarcely find one with prettier plumage or a sweeter note.
  • They were not like the giant pines of the South land, but they were sweeter and more beautiful in their form.
  • Later, too, up in her room, slowly undressing in the moonlight, she let herself yield to the sweeter spell.
  • Hazel-nuts were there also, of a marvellous size, and very brown and sweet, browner and sweeter than any he ever remembered to have eaten.

Definition of Sweeter

comparative form of sweet: more sweet
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