Sweetly In A Sentence

How To Use Sweetly In A Sentence?

  • Her large gray eyes were shining in the rosy firelight and her face was sweetly serious.
  • As they entered it the sound of the sweetly piercing music of a bagpipe smote upon their ears.
  • The ladies laughed, not mockingly but so sweetly he wished that they would never cease.
  • And with a tantalizing smile, she sweetly bade them all good night and departed to her room.
  • It was not a large room, but sweetly furnished, according to the taste of the owners.
  • So Joyeuse lay down on his bed, and was soon asleep, dreaming sweetly of the morrow.
  • Who was there in the whole kingdom of Souffra who could so sweetly touch the mandolin as Acota?
  • But why the charming damsel leave, I pray, Who to you in the dance so sweetly sang?
  • It seemed a wonder to Irene that Scott could not see how sweetly June was dressed.
  • Golden-haired, gray-eyed, quick with sympathy, sweetly subtle and subtly sweet was Louise....
  • Too precocious the life which I bore, Which I drew sweetly in with each breath!
  • The little bird that only a moment before had been singing so sweetly upon the window-sill hushed his song.
  • Finally she told him sweetly that she was not yet entirely satisfied, and that before the wedding he must cut off all his hair.
  • Her sweetly shaped mouth with the slight obliquity of the lip and the little kink in her brow were extraordinarily familiar to me.
  • When she got downstairs breakfast was ready and the house all sweetly diffused with the dreamy shadows that come with a rainy day.
  • Yasmini, with both hands behind her head, continued to smile down on them all as sweetly as the stars shine on a battle-field.
  • Indeed, she could not have defined that sweetly sad glow, now so cruelly crushed, even had she wanted to.
  • It looked to be a little under three hundred yards distant; and it lay beneath, sweetly tempting to a long driver.
  • How sweetly it whispers Happiness in your HEART when you Obey its soft words.
  • It seemed to her that if she could feel Gregory lean to her and kiss her forehead in tenderness and reconciliation her breath could sweetly cease.
  • Merriwell did not attempt to guard, but he dodged both blows with ease, and then smiled sweetly into the face of the baffled Virginian.
  • This she did in a far-away voice, sweetly and with excellent vocalization, but the first notes startled Serviss.
  • The evening was charming, ideal of the heart of summer; the air soft, sweetly scented; the sky unspotted blue.
  • How sweetly didst thou sing to them thine old morality, and how gravely didst thou teach the lesson of the Roses!

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Sweetly | Sweetly Sentence

  • It is most sweetly painted.
  • Aspiring sweetly like a flower.
  • Once she murmured his name and sweetly smiled.
  • For two hours she slept sweetly on.
  • I was not very likely to hear it fall sweetly on my ear.
  • Yet the early spring came back sweetly as ever.
  • Lucy Ann looked sweetly at him through the dark.
  • To these tones, so sweetly flowing, Dire one!
  • Crashaw 'sang' sweetly and generously of Herbert (vol.
  • Two of his daughters sang very sweetly to the music of a small melodian.
  • Pardon me for being away so long," she sweetly replied.
  • How beautiful, how sweetly habitable it looked in the morning sunshine!
  • A bondage sweetly brooked, a strife That gives thy gestures grace and life!
  • Ye Powers that smile on virtuous love, O, sweetly smile on Somebody!
  • Clarence's filial love was sweetly expressed in the music of the fountain.
  • Sweetly, sweetly blew the breeze-- On me alone it blew.

Definition of Sweetly

In a sweet or pleasant manner.
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