Sweetness In A Sentence

Definition of Sweetness

The condition of being sweet or sugary. | A pleasant disposition; kindness. | (informal) Term of address for one's sweetheart.

How To Use Sweetness In A Sentence?

  • How satirical are some expressions that slumber in sweetness too exquisite to gaze on!
  • In the winter night she seemed to him to exhale the roving sweetness of spring.
  • The harmonized sweetness and daring of her face was made pathetic by her downcast eyes.
  • The breath of heavily-scented flowers mingles with the pungent sweetness of clove and nutmeg.
  • How remarkable is sweetness of voice in the mother, in the father, in the household!
  • Chilled by no frost, the world unconsciously Mirrored her sweetness back to her.
  • Her beauty, her sincerity, her tenderness, her innocence, her sweetness thrilled him.
  • Whatever surly sweetness possession can give, is tasted in England to the dregs.
  • Full many a flower is born to blush unseen, And waste its sweetness on the desert air.
  • And his heart burned to taste the hurrying life With such desires, such changing sweetness rife.
  • Emily had grown into great sweetness and grace, and Mrs. Deerhurst had gone on very well.
  • But there was much bitterness and sorrow also mixed up with the sweetness of these mysterious relations.
  • There was an expression of such softness and such sweetness in her face that a kind of anticipatory happiness fell on him.
  • Never had he known such a magic, glowing sweetness as surged through his being when she surrendered her lips to his.
  • She was my ideal; her personal beauty and the tender sweetness of her character were alike perfect.
  • There was a blue and purple mystery over all the world, and calm and sweetness and strength came down as it were a mantle.
  • True beauty is sweetness, and sweetness is the spiritualizing of the gross, the corporeal and the earthly.
  • She was still pretty, for hers was a face to which pallor lent the delicate sweetness of a white rose-leaf.
  • It is the duty of woman to look as beautiful as she can; it is her imperious duty to charm the world by her sweetness and amiability.
  • It seemed to her to be the scent not only of spring, but of death also, the ghost of all the sweetness that she had missed.
  • There is a wide difference between mere speculative rational judging anything to be excellent, and having a sense of its sweetness and beauty.
  • She rose and went to the window, just to look out on the sweetness of the early morning, and the flowers and the trees.
  • Its sweetness is due to the presence of cane sugar, other products present in the maple sap imparting the distinctive flavor.
  • On the graves crocuses were thrusting out their little sheathed heads, symbolic proof of the sweetness that comes forth from sorrow.
  • Gammon smiled with a deprecating air, and sipped his wine in silence; but there was great sweetness in the expression of his countenance.
  • Nothing, unless such could be found in the land of spirits, could equal the sweetness of her voice or the beauty of her songs.
  • Bough apples, with a sweetness like that of flowers distilled by the intense sun, show the first brown seeds.
  • Sometimes she would take down from a shelf a volume of old English poetry, and become absorbed in the lyrical sweetness of the verse.
  • The sweetness of her countenance obtained for her the commiseration of those who were ordered and accustomed to execute the will of the despotic and cruel emperor.
  • After the storm and stress of twenty years, life in this Indian summer of the emotions was like an enclosed garden of sweetness and bloom.
  • When it has been kept all these years, the sweetness by which it is distinguished becomes so absorbed and blended as to be hardly perceptible.
  • After which he rendered the ancient love chant 'Ludus idem, ludus vetus,' with singular sweetness and expression.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Sweetness | Sweetness Sentence

  • There was a sweetness in her accents that was most persuasive.
  • Why did this second fact seem to embitter the sweetness of the first?
  • In strains whose sweetness ne'er can pass away.
  • Health and appetite impart the sweetness to sugar, bread, and meat.
  • There was a dreamy sweetness in Corinna's eyes.
  • In notes, with many a winding bout Of linked sweetness long drawn out.
  • But I recollected Mabel, all sweetness and purity, and hated it all.
  • The sweetness of a second Spring, Beneath the Autumn of his wing.

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