Swept Away In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Swept Away | Swept Away Sentence

  • Helena was swept away.
  • But the oaks had all been swept away.
  • Everything had been swept away forever.
  • Reality had swept away all other things between them.
  • Why were the antediluvians swept away?
  • The snow had been swept away.
  • Whole families had been swept away.
  • Then in an instant they were both swept away.
  • Swept away as if it had been a bit of tinsel!
  • Soon what money he had was swept away by losses.
  • He swept away the premises of the argument.
  • There was a glance of recognition and he was swept away.
  • Her galley swept away from the battle.
  • Great numbers were swept away by disease.
  • All his old world had been swept away from him.
  • But these impediments will soon be swept away.
  • The line of battle had been swept away.
  • But the river swept away them and their pride!
  • Epidemics swept away hundreds of lives.
  • She was swept away by the force of her own anger.
  • The old abuses were swept away.
  • Would that they could be swept away for ever.
  • My accumulation of years was almost swept away.
  • Then the light was raised and swept away landwards.
  • Both horse and rider were swept away by the current.
  • Some sank and were swept away by the sea-puss.
  • The front line is nearly swept away!
  • The cyclone comes and in a moment all is swept away.
  • Volley after volley swept away the head of our formation.
  • One house after another was swept away before their eyes.
  • She made her stately adieu and swept away.
  • He who resists a snow-storm is swept away.
  • The entire system of checks has been swept away.
  • Much that has passed with us as art has to be swept away.
  • In one short hour were swept away!

How To Use Swept Away In A Sentence?

  • The road had been swept away, too.
  • With one blow he had swept away the witness.
  • Inequities of civil rights are gradually being swept away.
  • Our men were being swept away as by a terrific whirlwind.
  • With this acknowledgment, all her calm was swept away.
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