Swiftest in a sentence

Definition of Swiftest

superlative form of swift: most swift

Short Example Sentence for Swiftest

  • 1. Thjalfi was of all men the swiftest of foot.
  • 2. Which with the straightest and the swiftest flight?
  • 3. Go to them at once, your steed is swiftest of all.
  • 4. O love, in mercy, now, thy swiftest pinions grant me!
  • 5. Only the ripples of the swiftest currents laughed aloud at the frost.
  • 6. Morgan instantly despatched his swiftest vessel to reconnoitre the bar.
  • 7. Unlike the lion, he runs so fast that the swiftest horse can not overtake him.
  • 8. You have no weight, no bonds; you fly faster than the swiftest express train.
  • 9. Even a heavy epic, if lifted by a sudden squall, challenges the swiftest foot.
  • 10. O Love, to waft me to her sphere, To me the swiftest of thy pinions lend!

How to use Swiftest in a Sentence?

  • 1. The swiftest hare cannot be swifter than an isosceles triangle or the idea of pinkness.
  • 2. The JΓ¦gers especially are one of the swiftest and most graceful birds that fly.
  • 3. Woofer was about to steal the most valuable and swiftest of the animals, except Sultan.
  • 4. The swiftest horse of the Ukraine could not reach the spot in time for you to stay the duel.
  • 5. And so be borne away with swiftest tides Of ugly feare and strong dispairing thoughts.
  • 6. And with truest horse and swiftest friend, To the fast express was the winning end!
  • 7. As soon as my feet touched the shore I started off at my swiftest pace for the Havre Gosselin.
  • 8. He was followed by Caoilte Mac Ronan, together with the swiftest of the Fenians.
  • 9. He has superintended the construction of some of the swiftest torpedo boats and steam and sailing yachts afloat.
  • 10. There is the swiftest and most splendid stroke of the artist's brush ever given to literature.
  • 11. The dolphin is an elegant and swift swimmer, and capable of overtaking the swiftest of the finny tribe.
  • 12. Back to the trail, and then along its sinuous windings through the jungle, he strode at his swiftest pace.
  • 13. He chose the swiftest steed in the king's stables, and galloped towards the forest.
  • 14. And now the pitcher came to the bat, eager to bring home the wretch at whom he had hurled his swiftest curves.
  • 15. In the grey of the morning she was seated beside a driver in a light running rig behind the swiftest pair of horses in the town.
  • 16. This wonderful beast was the strongest and swiftest horse ever known, and he often overtook the flying veela.
  • 17. I remember you said how easy it would be to chase girls if they ran, and how easy to escape because you were the swiftest runner in college.
  • 18. The horse with which Noel was struggling was the one in the line which he had noted as being undoubtedly the swiftest and best of them all.
  • 19. And, whatever he had meant, the strangest, swiftest retribution of his life came to him through the change in her face.
  • 20. Kheyr-ed-Din had made a sudden dash along the coast with some of the swiftest of his galleys for the purposes of this capture.
  • 21. The slightest trace of a smile, and the swiftest of reproachful glances, lit up the dark face of the baron as he bowed low in the introduction.
  • 22. Instantly the telephones were brought into service, and half-a-dozen expert canoeists, in the swiftest canoes to be had, started off in pursuit.
  • 23. The swiftest deceivers of Mithra do not reach the goal; they do not escape on horseback, nor reach the goal in chariots.
  • 24. It was by far the swiftest part of my education in America, living with these lighthearted, charming people who obviously liked me.
  • 25. This, on ordinary occasions, was the preferable method, but now I ought to have adopted the easiest and swiftest means.
  • 26. She had been the swiftest runner of all the girls for short distances in their old Sunrise Hill Club.
  • 27. After the swiftest of examinations, Caleb refolded the paper and slipped it into his own pocket, without showing it to Sarah at all.
  • 28. Although the swiftest of each must have been for ages preserved, and the slowest must have perished, we have no reason to believe there is any advance of speed.
  • 29. In the Greek mythology it was supposed to represent a dog given by Aurora to Cephalus as the swiftest of all dogs.
  • 30. Ah! sure, no earthly wing, in swiftest flight, May with the spirit's wings hold equal motion.