Swiftly In A Sentence

How To Use Swiftly In A Sentence?

  • He was weary of the land which he had traversed so swiftly and steadily for two weeks past.
  • Azrael laughs aloud, and rocks herself still more swiftly in her bright-winged hammock.
  • She was stealing along swiftly before a seven knot breeze on the quarter, with studding-sails set.
  • Soon he will be able to drive a team of dogs, as his father does, and ride swiftly over the snow.
  • The weapons in use, as was customary, rose in effectiveness by a swiftly ascending scale.
  • For answer Wallie stooped swiftly and gripped the long handle of the frying-pan.
  • An hour after, Gray was riding swiftly across the plains on his way to the station.
  • Patricia thought swiftly of Doris Leighton, of Mrs. Nat, and she shook her head.
  • That stranger knocking at the door and fleeing so swiftly at his appearance had come there to remove the body.
  • It did not require very keen scrutiny on his part to arrive swiftly at the conclusion that this one was not quite in the picture.
  • Joining the little animal, he saw that his excitement was caused by a golden carp which came swimming swiftly toward them.
  • In this thinly settled country, these were few and far between, and he chuckled as he saw his speedometer swiftly climbing.
  • But at the time she always gravely listened, and without comment put the trouble right as swiftly as she could.
  • Afterwards, when it was so swiftly settled that she was to become his wife, the information did concern her, he made her free of it.
  • Then placing her in his sleigh, he wrapped her in furs; and six white horses bore them swiftly away.
  • It disappeared in a dip, to reappear almost instantly, gliding swiftly down the long slant toward the valley.
  • He flew swiftly along the narrow trail, careless of ruts and obstructions that he had avoided with the greatest care but a short time before.
  • The rich, surging color came swiftly into her face, as wine seen through something dark and transparent.
  • The ax went circling swiftly through the air, its head showing like a silver crescent against the gray twilight of the trees.
  • She burst into a torrent of tears, and Val stood staring at her in amazement that swiftly softened to pity.
  • He seized his books, and, with one more look at the heights beyond, turned and strode swiftly along the path.
  • The fierce heats of that land, still primitive, now flamed in his soul, gone swiftly and utterly savage.
  • And again it changed and "Come mariner down in the deep with me" went gently and swiftly abroad on the air.
  • I remember that, and I remember the death rattle which swiftly followed those words, which were his last.
  • They went on swiftly for a little while, then the Brownie whirled them round and round until they were dizzy, and off they went again.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Swiftly | Swiftly Sentence

  • Eternally are swiftly whirled.
  • How swiftly streamed ye by the bark!
  • The short night wore swiftly on.
  • Twice she left us to go swiftly and return.
  • He moved forward swiftly and arranged the chair for her.
  • The road ran swiftly round the eastern wall of the canon.
  • Dicksie Dunning advanced swiftly into the room.
  • Philippa moved swiftly to where Lessingham was standing.
  • She leaned over swiftly and kissed Joan on the cheek.
  • The promised aid of Heaven More swiftly bring.
  • Then her glance swept him swiftly from bared head to rundown heel.
  • Azrael smiles, and rocks herself still more swiftly in her hammock.
  • Gray saw him disappear over the fence, and run swiftly down the hollow.
  • Thus saying, he turned his horse to the north and rode swiftly away.
  • That settles it," Overland swiftly concluded.

Definition of Swiftly

In a swift manner; quickly; with quick motion or velocity; fleetly
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