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  • I swill in more and more, and out it comes defiantly.
  • They are the swill of life, my son; leave them to swine.
  • What, you wish to get into my house to gormandise and swill at my expense.
  • Jones, annoyed at the swill tossed about, had turned from him.
  • The dose should be well stirred, to make the arrowroot swill down the throat.
  • Once the election is carried, you may swill beer till you can no longer stand.

How To Use Swill In A Sentence?

  • I swill in more, and out it rushes again, madly rushes out as quickly as it can.
  • I might have been snivelling myself, if I had cared to swill my belly with wine.
  • Here, zealous voters swill down hogsheads of beer: brewers drive a brisk trade during elections.
  • He'll carry the swill down to the hogs, and water 'em, and take care of the calves.
  • Then she took up a pail of swill in the kitchen and bore it down to a pen containing a couple of fat pigs and emptied it into their wooden trough.
  • It would be low tide, but between floating islands of swill and sewage there would be water, salt, wet, and cool.
  • I'd as soon think of telling the Pope of Rome to empty a pail of swill as I would him.
  • You've got sand, and when your poor feet go back on you, as they will in this swill (here he kicked the burning sand), I'll carry you.
  • The growing pigs came last; they held the common stock, which was often watered by the swill and dish-water from both houses and the buttermilk and butter-washing from the dairy.

Definition of Swill

(transitive) To drink (or, rarely, eat) greedily or to excess. | (transitive) To wash (something) by flooding with water. | (transitive) To move (a liquid or liquid-filled vessel) in a circular motion.
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