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(intransitive) To be dizzy or vertiginous; have a giddy sensation; to have, or appear to have, a whirling motion. | (Internet slang, text messaging) Abbreviation of someone who isn't me. used as a way to avoid self-designation or self-incrimination, especially in online drug forums

How To Use Swim In A Sentence?

  • The faintest possible whiff of a familiar perfume made my head swim with its suggestion.
  • He could see the bottom, and he hoped no very big fish could swim in so little water.
  • I desired Hopkinson to swim over to him, and to explain that we wanted assistance.
  • They, too, can swim across rivers, and although their legs are short, they can run very fast.
  • And this I forgot, for I crept through the bush to gain the water and swim to you.
  • That I may swim in rivers of warme blood, Out-flowing from the sides of Innocents.
  • And when they had fastened their goat-skins and tried to swim back, some of them were carried down by the rocks.
  • One who can swim but little in fresh water will find the buoyancy of the water here so great as to make swimming easy.
  • Weak and chilled from the long swim through the cold water they dragged themselves across the narrow beach to the bushes that hung over the bank.
  • On this swim back he felt the mournful fatigue of all that length of the traversed road, which brought him no nearer to his desire.
  • Glossy seals swim in the water, and once in a while a shaggy white bear goes running over the floating ice in search of seals.
  • The horse was exhausting itself rapidly with its efforts merely to keep its nose out, making no further attempt to swim toward the bank.
  • I clung to them as one clings to a wreck, though he knows he must eventually cast himself loose and swim for his life.
  • His legs almost refused to support him; everything appeared to swim before his eyes, and he sank down again listlessly on the ground.
  • It is summer weather, the river is only a mile wide, as a rule, and you can swim that without any trouble.
  • It is a small grey heron, that lights down among the grass and weeds to hunt for small frogs and such little fish as swim along the shore.
  • He says that he had to save the lives of his oxen by giving Indians fifteen dollars to swim the river and float some grass across to him.
  • I was tired; and as there was only twenty thousand miles between that country and my own, I determined to swim back.
  • It was summer time and the middle of the day was very warm, so Jan decided he would take a swim in the ocean.
  • He knew it was suicide to swim the Yangtze rapids, knew the whirlpools which sucked a man down and held him down until his body was torn to shreds.
  • He could not swim at right angles to it and thus approach the shore directly, but must try gradually to pull to the left, in a long diagonal sweep.
  • In time, however, the water got deeper; rats began to scurry along the sides of the circle or to swim frantically on in front of the disturbers.
  • An observer stands on the bank of a river which he has to swim over, and deliberates on the qualities of the water and on the strength of the current.
  • He described the location of the barracks, and told the Tongan to swim softly around and have talk with the Kanakas.
  • The townspeople from neighbouring small towns and other country folk used to come from miles about, Sundays, to watch us swim and exercise.
  • A good night's sleep and a swim in the St. Louis river banished all trace of toil.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Swim | Swim Sentence

  • He has to swim over: that is his task!
  • Then all stripped to the buff for a swim in the stream ...
  • You wanted to swim ahead with a towing rope in your teeth.
  • Ted could swim a little bit, and Jan was just learning.
  • They open their mouths and swim about in the air as if they were in the water.
  • I thought it was understood that we should sink or swim together.
  • The spots disappeared before his eyes and things ceased to swim around him.
  • He will therefore even swim in a sea of blood to reach his goal.
  • As she did so, everything seemed to waver and swim before her eyes.
  • It was easy to swim like this beyond the confines of life looking at a star.
  • He was but the one man who could swim in a howling sea of human wreckage.
  • Jan, dazed and almost exhausted, turned to swim back to his master and safety.
  • I could not swim and carry my swag, and I dared not leave my swag behind me.
  • Couldn't swim or go for a ride or do anything on account of her complexion.

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