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  • He was a swine and a snob.
  • Sheep and swine were numerous.
  • Selfish swine discovered.
  • They were husks which the swine did eat.
  • A great fat swine then?
  • The same is true of swine plague.
  • He was the swine who had locked us up.
  • There was a herd of swine feeding on the mountain.
  • Tis not to swine that men give sherbets.
  • The swine was the common sacrifice and the common dish.
  • He tells us of the feeding of swine with acorns.
  • A necklace of pearls before swine shall we say?
  • Megarian swine squealed and tugged at their leg-cords.
  • I have rarely sent swine to fairs or stock shows.
  • Drunken swine that I am!
  • He had stolen an old sandy female swine with six pigs.
  • But what did those dirty swine of Germans care!
  • The English swine do not seem communicative.
  • A Swine R.ri.
  • It's not my fault at all, it's that swine Blatchley.
  • One of those swine of German officers, I suppose.
  • The Jew was to Clotilde as flesh of swine to the Jew.
  • Yet are they greedy and weak as the swine and the children are.
  • Blatchley was a dam good sort and not a business swine at all.
  • They are for the swine who without them would wallow deeper.
  • And when he had said this he smote the swine with a knife of stone.
  • Good luck always does crawl into the mouths of swine like him.
  • I knocked that swine in the club down; but the whispers grew.
  • He also aided agriculture by discovering a vaccine for swine plague.
  • Make these swine prisoners," he screamed.
  • Dead swine were lying about in all directions, partly devoured by others.
  • The cows are small and lank, and the same may be said of the swine and sheep.
  • The swine of a German blazed away at them with his machine-gun.
  • But, next time, the swine will give himself time to take aim at me.

How To Use Swine In A Sentence?

  • We are not going to risk bringing her alongside for the sake of swine like you.
  • That the swine should be connected with the underground world of the dead, is not surprising.
  • He thought it useless to cast the pearls of thought before the swine of ignorance and fear.
  • Or is the field suffering from swine fever, of which they are the outward manifestation?
  • It was like the herd of maddened swine rushing headlong down a precipice into the gulf.
  • A great man throws pearls before swine, and the swine are sometimes changed to men.

Definition of Swine

(archaic) plural of sow
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