Swished In A Sentence

Definition of Swished

simple past tense and past participle of swish

How To Use Swished In A Sentence?

  • Her skirts had not swished as she did so, not a sound from her revealed the movement.
  • As it swung upward it missed the tree and swished out of sight over the edge of the hole.
  • When she swished the rope through the air to widen her loop, he reared and whirled.
  • Over the white sand rolled and swished the pale green water with most soothing sound.
  • Beneath them the water still swished angrily, although it had lost much of its force.
  • His mackintosh swished against his leggings, his leggings piped and whistled over his boot-tops.
  • The rain swished with it, and immediately there were all those sounds of windows being shut and doors slamming violently which accompany a storm.
  • The rain swished in his face and the leaves gave forth a chilly rustle, but he held himself firmly to his task.
  • And she collected her silken skirt, and swished up two flights of stairs and into a bedroom at the back, where she turned on the light.
  • He contrived to throw down a woman standing beside him before the mini-balls swished over their heads, and the leaves and branches began to fall.
  • The machine swished through the barrier leaves and came out upon a small clearing where there stood a gaunt house, evidently long deserted.
  • For answer he seized the ice bucket, now empty of its soda bottles, trickled in a few drops from the bottle and swished the contents.
  • His head was high, his nostrils were dilated, his tail swished slowly, like a tiger's.
  • It frightened him worse than ever, and he raced away again so fast that the reel sang, and the line swished through the water like a knife.
  • It was pitch-dark inside the car, for the rain swished down in torrents and Jeremy fastened the flaps after he got in.
  • Dry branches snapped, green branches swished and rustled, and occasionally his straining ears caught the sound of a heavy but muffled footfall.
  • With a sound like that of tearing silk, or of a gigantic contralto mosquito, the curtain swished down, and swished up, and swished down again.
  • Under cover of their advantage my five persecutors turned for an instant on me faces like faces of the damned and then swished off into the darkness.
  • As I live, there was an immense lake there, surrounded by rushes that sang and swished in the wind, with a boat-house, and a little landing-stage!
  • I have felt their icy coldness as, blowing hither and thither in the delirium of their free, untrammelled existence, they have swished across my face.
  • Then she swished her dish towel in the air with such a jerk it snapped like a whip, and realizing further argument would be useless, she turned back into her own quarters.
  • Her eyes were fixed on the elevator, and just at that moment the car came rushing down the shaft and swished itself to a stop just when, it seemed, it should have shattered itself to pieces at the bottom.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Swished | Swished Sentence

  • The wub swished its tail.
  • A gust of cold rain swished in as the door fell open.
  • She swished upstairs before Caleb had a chance to answer.
  • The dry snow swished round his ankles at the fall of the long racquets.
  • Desperately Mac swished the flies out of the water for another cast.

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