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How To Use Swoop In A Sentence?

  • They can only think of forming leagues to abolish the vultures that swoop down on the carcases.
  • At last he was able to swoop down and grasp the loose skin of a rigid yellow neck.
  • At a given sign the three parties were to swoop down upon the position held by the enemy.
  • He described how they flew, the swoop of their movements, and the tree where they alighted.
  • A red-tailed hawk once was observed to swoop down, seize a prairie dog and fly down the canyon.
  • The French aeroplanes which had been soaring overhead for a long time now began to swoop lower.
  • Dave "ducked," as the phrase goes, as a swoop from a new quarter sent the machine banking.
  • I sall away to ze Kasbah, and zen in due time look for ze swoop of ze French zouaves.
  • None shall ever know how I watch, what I see, until I descend with the fell swoop of the eagle.
  • It cannot climb to safety as the fighting machine can do and then swoop down on its enemy from a favorable height.
  • As they swoop close to the earth they catch a swift glimpse of white faces turned up at them with terror.
  • If he should swoop at one of them, he'd just give a bound and get out of danger.
  • Darkness followed swiftly, as if it had been a bird of prey waiting for this sign to swoop down upon the world.
  • As it was, a swoop across the street and a little brisk maneuvering secured him a place next to her.
  • The quality of decision is like the well-timed swoop of a falcon which enables it to strike and destroy its victim.
  • In one swoop he retraversed the vast space that now lay between us, and returned to his original position.
  • A whole host of usurers swoop down upon the villages, multiplying as the wretchedness of the peasants increases.
  • With one swoop he caught up a child under each arm, and carried them kicking and struggling out-of-doors.
  • I'm not going to sit like a bird in a nest and have them swoop down upon us, though.
  • At sight of that we broke into a run and burst on the field of grain like a pack of the dog-baboons that swoop from the hills and make havoc.
  • The ambulance took a swoop to the right, nosed down into a shallow ditch and leaped like a shot deer out on the other side.
  • This is done by manoeuvring them about, letting them drop momentarily or rise suddenly, so as to swoop over their adversary and capture it.
  • And with one swoop of their good swords they cut off Blue-beard's head!
  • They cross the sun like a white cloud, and when they swoop downwards to the ground the air vibrates with the hum of whirling wings.
  • The latter, when they see their quarry, swoop upon it, and pick at its eyes until the hunter arrives.
  • The thing was to swoop into the camp before the Maoris could have any warning, or attempt to resist.
  • As the bird arose, eager to swoop down again, the hunter sprang from his shelter and drove two heavy war arrows deep under its wing.
  • Then like a huge, black, sweet-scented sponge the darkening night seemed to swoop down and wipe him right off the face of the earth.
  • He rode for half a mile along a deep lagoon or bayou, he did not know which, and saw hawks swoop down and draw fish from its dark surface.
  • As I protruded my head, a swoop of wind caught me and sent the red ashes of my pipe sparkling and dancing through the darkness.
  • Once a day the Keswick waggonettes swoop upon the place, bringing trippers by the score, but at other times it is a quiet and enjoyable spot.
  • All I remember is that we seemed suddenly to swoop down on a crowd, the peremptory "Halt!
  • Think I want to be left alone in this benighted land, with a couple of million Austrians likely to swoop down on it at any minute?

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Swoop | Swoop Sentence

  • With a swoop he was upon it.
  • The vultures swoop down to the feast.
  • Contralto cried, with a rich swoop of laughter.
  • Then we will swoop down on Fulton tonight.
  • If Rutford came in, he would swoop on the truth.
  • If Rutford came in, he would swoop on the truth.
  • Then there was a long sickening swoop through utter blackness.

Definition of Swoop

(intransitive) To fly or glide downwards suddenly; to plunge (in the air) or nosedive. | (intransitive) To move swiftly, as if with a sweeping movement, especially to attack something. | (transitive) To fall on at once and seize; to catch while on the wing.
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