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  • John swooped on this.
  • Down swooped the catboat.
  • Then suddenly it swooped with a rush.
  • Jimmie swooped closer and closer.
  • We broke away and swooped downward.
  • Twice a great bird swooped near him.
  • The next night after supper they swooped down on him.
  • The smiling gendarme at once swooped down on his prey.
  • She swooped like a gull across the ice.
  • Flocks of autumn birds swooped round in rapid flight.
  • The plane swooped low and seemed to hang right over us.
  • The tug swooped over, going fast this time.
  • There in the High Street the girl swooped on him.
  • He swooped down on any machine he saw and then proceeded to improve it.
  • She swooped upon her champion and snatched him up for a kiss.
  • At the same moment the owl saw the mouse and swooped down upon it.
  • But this fell bird swooped fearlessly upon them and demanded to be fed.
  • Far up the gorge dense clouds of black smoke swooped down from the benchland.
  • Whenever they swooped low enough our troopers gave them a fine cheer.
  • A hawk wheeled and swooped and floated far up in the dazzling air.
  • It hovered clumsily a moment, and then swooped in at the window.
  • Here he swooped upwards in a dizzy flight of vituperation best unrecorded.
  • By now it was dark, and a bitter cold swooped down from the mountains.
  • As they rested momentarily the birds again swooped downward, reassured.
  • Flocks of birds, fluttering about, swooped down into the garden.
  • With that, the others swooped on the slain and bore them off beyond the hill.
  • Suddenly out of the sky swooped an all-metal airplane, glistening in the sun.
  • They soared high, swerved and swooped upon the lance-throwers.
  • No party of marauding Indians had swooped down on their ark and its stores.

How To Use Swooped In A Sentence?

  • The man swooped down and whipped it through the railings with a snarl of satisfaction.
  • They swooped into a landing that brought them as close to the control tower as was practical.
  • And he swooped down on the ragged tails as their owner turned a humiliated back.
  • Or it might have swooped straight up in the air with him, for ghosts could do that.
  • Our aeroplanes swooped down to 300 feet and took photographs of the first raid from that height.
  • He had hardly spoken, before the hawk swooped down and knocked the cup from his hand.
  • Then suddenly she swooped out of space, out of the infinite unknown, and hit me.
  • Tilting the ailerons the pilot swooped down towards the unwieldy, tethered gas-bag.
  • But before it had touched his lips, the hawk swooped down again, and knocked it from his hands.
  • The north gathered its forces and swooped upon his shivering ranks, with death in its blasts.
  • And a flock of enormous thoughts swooped past him from fields of this unbelievable, lost memory.

Definition of Swooped

simple past tense and past participle of swoop
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