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  • Once more they rallied and came swooping down on the ship.
  • The question was, when would the swooping start?
  • Instead, she saw a Swallow swooping down on her.
  • Hay, or a swooping squadron of Slav planes?
  • What was this great owl-like enemy swooping up out of nowhere?
  • One could vision an eagle swooping to his helm by divine election.
  • Then the bald eagle came swooping down, as though attacking its prey.
  • If they did, they'd come swooping down to try and cut us off.

How To Use Swooping In A Sentence?

  • Even as they fell, the air was torn by explosions as the swooping fliers opened fire.
  • Swift swooping shapes winged out from the trees, prey-hungry eyes gleaming green.
  • There was a great blazing and crackling, and one of the trees fell, swooping down with a crash.
  • They cannot realise that the only way to make an end of the swooping vulture is to make an end of carcases.
  • Soon everyone was doing beautifully, swooping down on each other and veering away just in time to avoid a collision.
  • Without wasting a second they began to blaze away at the wild ducks as they came swooping down from the west.
  • But of this fight we can only see the aeroplanes swooping a few hundred feet over the roofs and bombing the machine-gun nests.
  • Far down the valley a horse neighed and a bird swooping past the window cast in on them one thrilling phrase of music.
  • Do you remember that ghastly red thread of a moon on the glacial line above us, like a swooping bloody sickle?
  • The deuce was in the moth, it baffled us all; now circling against the ceiling, now swooping down at the fatal lights.
  • Number Fifteen had just crossed and was now swooping away on her first tack toward the distant stake-boat.
  • So they divided into two bands; and, circling around, came swooping down on the train from both sides at once.
  • Above the hall the rafters were carved and gaily painted, so that dragons seemed to be crawling across, or eagles seemed to be swooping down.
  • Next moment the machine gave a great swooping dive, righted itself, dived again, and dropped like a stone.
  • By this time other German planes were swooping toward the place, and a squad of cavalry was also galloping toward it.
  • The swooping bat darts from thick-hung woodbine and noiselessly crosses the garden, brushes the hollyhocks, and speeds toward the moon.
  • A second raven was waiting without, and the two now soaring high in the air, now swooping towards the ground, flew up through the valley.
  • Whirling, diving, swooping here and there, lifting great patches of sand and hurling them far up into the clouds, the funnel swept on.
  • And the lights at the mastheads, swooping now downward, now upward, now from side to side, dappled the troubled waters with sickly gold.
  • At last she saw her sons, and was swooping down, when Diarmuid rose with a bound into the air and struck the vial a league out of her hand.
  • It was not long before privateers in his name were harrying the Spanish vessels and swooping down upon the ports held by the Spaniards.
  • The boys stood there, watching with increasing uneasiness; for just as Bluff had asserted, the big power-boat was swooping straight down for them.
  • It kept on going, in a bumpy, irregular course, now swooping up, now diving down, for 120 feet, then darted to earth.
  • In fact, after one or two circles, like a huge bird swooping after prey, the Drifter came almost directly over them.
  • It was a kite, a great locust-shaped kite, darting and swooping in the hot monsoon, and from it, dropping plumb, came the abominable clamor.
  • On the upward course, from fifteen hundred feet he saw a great blur of light on the northern horizon: it was Paris, and he was swooping past it.
  • Another curious habit noticed in these birds is that of flying on fine evenings to a considerable height and then swooping suddenly to earth, often on their backs.
  • From snow-covered billows which should have been sprayed with mountain wild-flowers by now, a fierce blast pounced down on us like a swooping bird of prey.
  • The few that travel still farther eastward with the intention of swooping on our observation machines, or of themselves gathering information, receive a hearty welcome from our defensive patrols.
  • As they climbed the slope, one of the fish-hawks came swooping down from somewhere high in the blue, and began circling on slow wings about the nest.
  • Scarcely were the words out of his mouth when there was a yell of "mark!" and a strong covey of birds appeared, swooping down the wind right on to him.
  • The flycatchers always take their insect prey on the wing, by a sudden darting or swooping movement; often a very audible snap of the beak may be heard.

Definition of Swooping

That swoops or swoop. | present participle of swoop | The motion of something that swoops.
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