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  • And at that some one swoops past me.
  • There were a few fierce swoops of a blue pencil.
  • He swoops from his hiding-place, and rides on the edge of the coming storm.
  • The British made swoops upon wild and unsurveyed bays and inlets.
  • The Hawk of Ulster swoops o'er the plains To his quarry here in the south.

How To Use Swoops In A Sentence?

  • A hawk swoops down on a hedgerow; there is a great flutter, followed by sudden silence.
  • He retreats to a great distance, swoops inward again toward the earth, making a loop as in Fig.
  • Each elbow of the stream is muscular with snag and snare wherever the swift stream swoops around abruptly.
  • The one soars and swoops and skims actually like a bird, the other progresses with scientific and mathematical precision.
  • Christ is the lamb which the eagle swoops down upon, the dove taken by the hawk, the deer which the tiger devours.
  • How she swoops upon them, bears them down, buffets them with dusters and heaps them high like stumbling blocks in the path of the righteous!
  • I wonder if those soft-winged bats squeak among the clapboards, or make their fluttering zigzag swoops about your lantern as they were wont to do in olden times.
  • From altitudes so tremendous that they awe the mere earthly pedestrian it swoops down upon its unsuspecting victim, opening upon him a stream of machine gun fire.
  • A red-tailed hawk has just killed a ruffed grouse, and has scarcely begun his meal when a goshawk swoops down upon him with outstretched talons to seize the quarry.
  • That settles it, and the population is well on the way to 10,000, when down swoops the federal census taker on his next round and the town has to begin all over again.
  • In the mid-battle foremost, like a storm That swoops from heaven, and on the dark-blue sea Falls suddenly, and stirs it to its depths.

Definition of Swoops

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of swoop | plural of swoop
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