Sworn In A Sentence

How To Use Sworn In A Sentence?

  • Long has he sworn to compass thy destruction.
  • Then she was sworn and proceeded to tell her story.
  • He has sworn eternal fidelity and love to me.
  • Once he could almost have sworn he felt her tremble.
  • I have enemies; people sworn against me.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Sworn | Sworn Sentence

  • Fyles has sworn to do it.
  • That was sworn before me.
  • Some of your sworn friends?
  • Bruce was sworn as a witness.
  • And from that time he has sworn off.
  • By all that may be sworn by.
  • She is a sworn admirer of yours.
  • The twins have just sworn it off.
  • He could have sworn that it was.
  • I have sworn to return.
  • I have sworn to return.
  • Franz had sworn me not to tell.
  • Gladys was used to being sworn at.
  • I have sworn to the nation that.
  • And will you not keep your oath when you have sworn it?
  • How have you sworn you would see her no more!
  • He had sworn to protect the girl.
  • We have already sworn our allegiance.
  • He would have sworn she was twenty.
  • They have sworn to renounce love.
  • He could have sworn it laughed.
  • He was duly sworn and examined.
  • Finally the prisoner himself was sworn in his own behalf.
  • I could have sworn she lived!
  • I have sworn a new oath.
  • Afterward he could have sworn they were wet with tears.
  • He was sworn in and testified to his name and occupation.
  • And yet he had sworn to love her always.
  • Terentyevna has certainly sworn to make an end of me.
  • A man sworn to a mission cannot marry.
  • It was she, he could have sworn it.
  • He had sworn to run the conspiracy to earth!
  • That virtue seems sworn foe of.
  • He could have sworn that she was regarding him steadily.
  • I could have sworn it was not there five minutes before.

Definition of Sworn

Given or declared under oath. | Bound as though by an oath. | Ardent, devout.
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