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  • Not a syllable from the pair.
  • Not a syllable about your friends!
  • The broken syllable was ended.
  • Not a syllable passed his lips.
  • Tell me the first syllable of your name.
  • Not a syllable about her heart and her soul.
  • Is this the first syllable of a name?
  • Griffith declined to utter a syllable of apology.
  • Charlie strained to catch some syllable of what he said.
  • To the last syllable of recorded time.
  • Buller drew out the syllable with unctuous relish.
  • The syllable drew out almost into chanting.
  • Not a syllable would pass his lips.
  • Not a scorched syllable shall escape!
  • I could not have uttered a syllable to have saved my life.
  • What is sufficient, if it refers to one syllable only?
  • No syllable was slurred, no point hurried over.
  • Every letter and syllable is pronounced (par.
  • Every syllable and every shade of voice meant something.
  • But not a syllable did Kilbride vouchsafe.
  • Scarcely an actor, indeed, knew a syllable of his part.
  • From confusion of the first syllable with that of the Lat.
  • Not another syllable did Ellison utter.
  • Here the word or syllable "man" appears in both cases.
  • If I speak one syllable more, the devil take me!
  • Not a syllable yet from General Clinton.
  • Not a syllable more, sir; I have performed my orders.
  • It was the last coherent syllable which he uttered in the affair.
  • There was not a syllable in the law relating to the inheritance of a throne.
  • It is also the only alliterating syllable in the second half-line.
  • No syllable from my lips should send a thought of suspicion to her heart!
  • Don't divide a syllable at the end of a line.
  • Each syllable of this word may be used separately for the whole.
  • Breathe not a syllable of this, and as you value your life betray not me.
  • If the accented vowel is not in a constituent syllable synalepha may occur.

How To Use Syllable In A Sentence?

  • Nobody seems to have known a syllable about them but the apostles and their converts.
  • Dryden more than once helps out his verse with an additional syllable gained by its aid.
  • There is not one line or syllable in it that is not written in letters of gold.
  • Not a syllable was spoken after that; and in a few moments we were at the house.
  • There is not a single phrase or syllable throughout the poem which indicates such a regard.

Definition of Syllable

(transitive, poetic) To utter in syllables. | (linguistics) A unit of human speech that is interpreted by the listener as a single sound, although syllables usually consist of one or more vowel sounds, either alone or combined with the sound of one or more consonants; a word consists of one or more syllables. | The written representation of a given pronounced syllable.
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