Symbol in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Symbol

1. The symbol of her chosen land. 🔊

2. The symbol for the number 20. 🔊

3. He is the living symbol of strength and power. 🔊

4. Give drop symbol and describe its principles. 🔊

5. No symbol in hand, which is covered with drapery. 🔊

6. His pipe, though, was the most confusing symbol of all. 🔊

7. Baptism, Symbol of, in Gothic Art, 12. 🔊

8. He cannot be reduced to a symbol nor disposed of by generalizations. 🔊

9. Here also in the written characters over this picture is the symbol for 20. 🔊

10. They are proud of the castles, and of the language and symbol of chivalry. 🔊

11. A voual is the symbol of a sound maed without the tuiches of the mouth. 🔊

12. The merchant's economy is a coarse symbol of the soul's economy. 🔊

13. The S in the line of numerals represents the usual symbol for 20. 🔊

14. That was a direct symbol of their disobedience towards the ArchBishop. 🔊

15. A very curious and clever symbol of the Trinity is portrayed in Fig. 🔊

How to use Symbol in Sentences?

1. The symbol is apparently incomplete, but the bird figured under it justifies this conclusion. 🔊

2. The 0 denotes the red, diamond shaped symbol which is here sometimes given in fanciful forms. 🔊

3. In the work of Dr. Foerstemann before alluded to the discovery of the symbol for 20 is announced. 🔊

4. But I never saw her again, except that later she came to me, my symbol of womanhood, in dreams. 🔊

5. This symbol is found in the Dresden and Troano Codices, but most frequently in the former. 🔊