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  • The symbol of her chosen land.
  • Give symbol of impedance coil.
  • The symbol for the number 20.
  • It is the bodily symbol of identity of nature.
  • Give drop symbol and describe its principles.
  • He is the living symbol of strength and power.
  • No symbol in hand, which is covered with drapery.
  • His pipe, though, was the most confusing symbol of all.
  • Baptism, Symbol of, in Gothic Art, 12.
  • He cannot be reduced to a symbol nor disposed of by generalizations.
  • Here also in the written characters over this picture is the symbol for 20.
  • They are proud of the castles, and of the language and symbol of chivalry.
  • A voual is the symbol of a sound maed without the tuiches of the mouth.
  • The merchant's economy is a coarse symbol of the soul's economy.
  • The S in the line of numerals represents the usual symbol for 20.
  • That was a direct symbol of their disobedience towards the ArchBishop.
  • A very curious and clever symbol of the Trinity is portrayed in Fig.
  • The term azote and symbol Az are still retained by the French chemists.
  • Unusual symbol for Akbal from Plate 8 of the Dresden Codex 284 362.

How To Use Symbol In A Sentence?

  • The symbol is apparently incomplete, but the bird figured under it justifies this conclusion.
  • The 0 denotes the red, diamond shaped symbol which is here sometimes given in fanciful forms.
  • It will also be observed that the symbol represented by S answers to the number 20.
  • The ordinary symbol for the induction coil used in local battery work is shown in Fig.
  • In the work of Dr. Foerstemann before alluded to the discovery of the symbol for 20 is announced.
  • But I never saw her again, except that later she came to me, my symbol of womanhood, in dreams.
  • This symbol is found in the Dresden and Troano Codices, but most frequently in the former.
  • The symbol in this case is that of Been, but this is a manifest error, as Ahau follows Cauac.
  • Toroidal Impedance Coil] The usual diagrammatic symbol for an impedance coil is shown in Fig.
  • Where the number 20 is found in his list there is no corresponding number in the codex, the month symbol only being given.
  • Where there is no necessity for indicating the internal connections of the coil, the symbol shown in the left of this figure is usually employed.
  • That it explains the signification of one symbol undetermined until this relation of the numerals to one another was discovered, is now admitted.
  • The 14 here is manifestly an error, one of the lines in the number symbol having been omitted; it should be 19.
  • But the religious consciousness, if it has this symbolic idea of its reconciliation, still has it as a mere symbol or representation.
  • This is the ground of al orthographie, leading the wryter from the sound to the symbol, and the reader from the symbol to the sound.
  • But w and y maekes sae soft a mynt that it is hard to perceave, and therfoer did the latines symboliz them with the symbol of the vouales.
  • Below, the top of an ancient altar with the broken symbol of a sun upon it; above, florid and fantastic arabesques.
  • If this interpretation be correct, we find in this symbol another of Landa's letters.
  • For example, the second symbol in the group on Plate 69 is an exact copy of the object on which the deity is seated.
  • I was not one of a crowd of new members, but salient, an event, a symbol of profound changes and new purposes in the national life.
  • How much had they ever understood of that symbol of a changing world which they had loved and hated under the name of Gideon Vetch?

Definition of Symbol

To symbolize. | A character or glyph representing an idea, concept or object. | Any object, typically material, which is meant to represent another (usually abstract) even if there is no meaningful relationship.
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