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  • This is symbolic of his attitude to the world.
  • Lightning, the, in symbolic art, 207.
  • They must present to one another symbolic representations of themselves.
  • I was a man who stood in symbolic relations to the art and culture of my age.
  • The ancient form is infinitely to be preferred as a work of symbolic art.
  • The scriptures just cited complete another line of symbolic truth.

How To Use Symbolic In A Sentence?

  • They are symbolic and for speculative thought alone, though pregnant with practical applications.
  • A symbolic thought necessarily contains two terms, the symbol and the reality which it symbolizes.
  • In the State of Wisconsin there is one symbolic mound more worthy of notice than any other.
  • The deciding factor in the original selection of a symbolic object is the nature of the thing to be symbolized.
  • But the utility of symbolic logic should not be estimated by the brevity with which propositions may sometimes be expressed by its means.
  • Problem oriented language statements may be freely intermixed with symbolic machine language instructions.
  • The prophet's method of a symbolic purifying of the temple was exactly suited to this purpose.
  • Whenever we attach a literal significance to a symbolic object, we immediately destroy its character as a symbol.
  • Frequently ordinary language contains subtle psychological implications which cannot be translated into symbolic logic except at great length.
  • The doctor says it would be a fine symbolic thing to take the procession up to the church by the very way the first settlers came in.
  • The lure of the symbolic and the marvelous tempted Hawthorne constantly to the brink of the supernatural.
  • Hence, psychology, and especially the psychology of races, is the only true guide in symbolic exegesis.
  • He, too, came to be glad that his brother had passed from him untried, that the symbolic moment had been rejected.
  • He may not alter the recognised symbolic attitude, nor change the tincture; he is scarcely at liberty to add a feature.
  • One may suppose that the Greek stage carpenter was capable of some symbolic crash which served its purpose.
  • For they led to the highest of all, the symbolic moment, which, if a man accepts, he has accepted life.
  • The middle lines put symbolic descriptions of old age; the lines indented on the left drop the symbolism and speak in plain terms.
  • They were evidently people on a low, material plane of existence, and quite incapable of appreciating the symbolic value of sensuous phenomena.
  • It is the custom of the Winnebagos to weave the events of their lives into symbolic bead bands, instead of keeping a diary.
  • Therefore, whenever the glorified Christ appears on the symbolic stage, he always appears in his own person proclaiming his own name.
  • This device, then, is of special interest, both as a symbolic ornament and as throwing light on Scripture history.
  • They towered darkly, symbolic signatures of the ancient Powers that now watched him taking these little steps across their damaged territory.
  • The two little figures holding a book, just behind her right shoulder, are genii, or spirits, symbolic of her inspiration.
  • It is the characteristic of a symbolic action that it not merely expresses a feeling, but nourishes and strengthens the feeling to which it corresponds.
  • The nomenclature which has survived from the earlier state is supposed to be deeply and occultly symbolic and the mythic narratives to be deeply and occultly allegoric.
  • The numerous legends of saints who have fought and overcome dragons prove the symbolic light in which the impersonation of evil was generally viewed.
  • This song and the entire ceremony, which is spoken of as "Turning the child," are highly symbolic and cannot be fully explained at this time.
  • Concerning Holy Communion Zwingli taught that the breaking and eating of the bread was a symbolic action.
  • She paused with an inscrutable smile that a great painter might have put on the face of some symbolic figure for the speculation and wonder of many generations.
  • So the ordinary educational plan was to group events together in some scheme that might not be quite exact but was calculated to have some symbolic interest and to stay in the memory.
  • She studied natural history in order to be perfectly accurate in her symbolic representation of the habitation of each animal, and their enemies were also represented by blocks.
  • The leader becomes symbolic of the group, and of its purposes and meaning, so that in devoting itself to a leader the people do more than sustain an emotional relation to a superior person.
  • Ezekiel is the great representative of 'Emblem Prophecy,' that is, discourses which have for texts some symbolic action or piece of dumb show.
  • Guillam lays down some general rules regarding the symbolic meaning by which all sorts of creatures borne in arms or ensigns are to be interpreted, and by which alone a consistent system can be regulated.

Definition of Symbolic

Pertaining to a symbol. | Implicitly representing or referring to another thing.
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