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  • The names that will live are the names that symbolize the causes for which they stood.
  • Her youth seemed to symbolize all that you coveted at the moment; it symbolized going on forever.
  • They may, however, symbolize the serpent, as occasionally seen in the alligator group.
  • This proves the trees to symbolize the followers of God; see also Hosea xiv: 8.
  • But here was a perfect dawn and it seemed to symbolize to her the beginning of the life that lay in front of her.
  • The little yellowed board seemed to symbolize not convivial cordiality but crabbed provincialism.
  • The fat man in the car represented the pope, and the donkey was intended to symbolize the credulity of the faithful.
  • It has also been held to symbolize light or the god of light, of the forked lightning, and of water.
  • Nobody would maintain that the ordinary human instinct would in any age or country tend to symbolize the idea of evening by a white necktie.
  • This being seems to symbolize chaos, or to personify the primeval ocean, which existed when the process of creation began.
  • Bands of red and black muslin or paper should be put about the tree trunk; these are to symbolize the days and nights enjoyed during the camp life.
  • I and J symbolize spirits of the air who reveal to the medicine-men the wonders they claim to know in a priestly way.
  • Fra Domenico walked last of all, arrayed in a cope of red velvet to symbolize the martyr's flames.
  • No ruler, and no city save Venice, could long symbolize the nation's patriotism.
  • The Babylon of the Apocalypse is generally believed to symbolize or be a mystic designation of Rome.
  • Our painters and poets and sculptors are greatest when they symbolize their ideals and ideas and impressions, and by so doing make us respond to their moods.
  • Indeed, it has always for me a significance quite independent of its obvious import; it seems to symbolize the truth which the experience of all my life has taught me.
  • A woman must of necessity symbolize a church, but we must determine by the character of the woman whether or not the true church or a false church is represented.
  • A series of sonnets, the "Fatherlands," make the opening of the book and, at the same time, symbolize most clearly the growth of our poet.
  • And it seems to me that Hiram Johnson and Oscar Straus symbolize what this movement stands for.
  • But youth is inherently warlike, because above everything else it seeks to realize life in its fullness, and war at least does symbolize this reality and abundance of life.
  • The second little bit of street incident which recently occurred to me was in itself less striking, but seemed to me to symbolize changes of yet higher moment and wider significance.

Definition of Symbolize

(transitive) To be symbolic of; to represent. | (intransitive) To use symbols; to represent ideas symbolically. | (intransitive, obsolete) To resemble each other in qualities or properties; to correspond; to harmonize.
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