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  • But symmetry is not abstraction.
  • Whatever its form, it should have symmetry of design.
  • I mean, does it spoil magazine symmetry that he should appear in a new volume?

How To Use Symmetry In A Sentence?

  • They can have symmetry only, and symmetry without proportion is not composition.
  • It has not the symmetry of the horse, nor the beautiful markings of the zebra and leopard.
  • He must produce symmetry and balance where now are ragged outlines of hillocks and ridges.
  • Beauty and power seemed wholly met in a figure of perfect symmetry and strength.
  • He was busy admiring the symmetry of gardens and orchards, though not of daughters.
  • Let the windows extend down to the floor, and the beauty of symmetry will also be preserved.
  • The lowest worms and sponges may serve as examples of this symmetry in its simplest expression.
  • Now, in spite of all its diversity, there is a remarkable symmetry in the solar system.
  • He was about five feet and ten inches in height, heavily built and of great symmetry of form.
  • Exact symmetry has been sacrificed in consequence of the different lengths of the stones which formed the architrave.
  • I am not sorry thus to carry out my own principle of the sacrifice of architectural or constructive symmetry to practical service.
  • She sat and watched him, and for the first time became aware of the elegance and symmetry of his figure.
  • The same fate overtakes the trim little lawn trees, so perfect in color and symmetry for a few years.
  • It was not until she rose from her seat that I had an opportunity of observing the beautiful symmetry of her figure.
  • This attitude favors a healthy action of the various organs of the system, and conduces to beauty and symmetry of form.
  • The symmetry of the individual, as understood in the religion of culture, is likewise a cherished article of true religion.
  • There is, likewise, a kind of symmetry or proportion, which may properly be said to belong to deformity.
  • But if her mouth was defective, the symmetry of her chin, carrying with it the oval of her cheek and jaws, was perfect.
  • Except for the click and flight of a prosperous drive I know nothing of prettier symmetry than an accurate approach.
  • Faded stuffed chairs and divans with soft cushions stood in melancholy symmetry around the room, the walls of which were hung with china silk.
  • The symmetry of her fine figure had long been destroyed by her sedentary life; and years of care had left many a trace on her beautiful features.
  • The Egyptians were never greatly enamoured of that exact symmetry which has become one of the first artistic necessities of our time.
  • Many an onlooker remembered this sight of her, the deep spiritual eyes, the symmetry of form and fold, the perfect carriage.
  • In symmetry of outline, diversity of shape, and cleverness of modeling this ware takes a high rank, but there is no painted ornament.
  • In race, it is not the broad shoulders, or litheness, or stature that give advantage, but a symmetry that reaches as far as to the wit.
  • I tell it because it rounds off this interlude with some symmetry by bringing us back to my own consultation of the encyclopaedia at the beginning of it.
  • She is described as a tall, fair woman with a splendid presence, large blue eyes, features of perfect symmetry and a winning smile.
  • Another of these is the connection of Symmetry with horizontal, and of Proportion with vertical, division.
  • Its symmetry and just proportion appeal directly to those whose artistic ideas are founded upon the creations of the Greeks and Romans.
  • A survey of Nature, and the observation of her beautiful proportions, first determined man to imitate the divine plan and study symmetry and order.
  • Treats of harmony, balance, proportion, and rhythm; motion; symmetry and variety; ornament, esthetic and symbolic.
  • She reminded one not of an opening flower, but of a big, loose-limbed colt, ungainly still, but every line promising symmetry and grace to come.
  • Those forms which give symmetry and proportion to the outward structure of the tonal art were pruned and polished under ecclesiastical surveillance until spontaneity was endangered.
  • The building which shelters a healthy family, for instance, should be characterised not only by advances on existing provisions for convenience but by symmetry in its parts.
  • It will be observed that its symmetry is more complicated, the leafage being divided into double groups of two lobes each, each lobe of different structure.
  • For these the admiration was hearty and sincere, and the farmers went along the stalls amazed and wonderstruck at the size and symmetry of the noble animals that filled them.
  • So in the symphony his affluence of melodic inspiration seems actually to embarrass him, to the detriment of that breadth and symmetry of treatment so vital to this form of art.

Definition of Symmetry

Exact correspondence on either side of a dividing line, plane, center or axis. | The satisfying arrangement of a balanced distribution of the elements of a whole.
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