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  • Urquhart sympathetically enquired.
  • He was looking sympathetically at her.
  • How sympathetically the costume is painted!
  • Blanc has most sympathetically described her qualities.
  • His uncle looked sympathetically at him.
  • Vita nodded sympathetically up at the passionate face.
  • Her eyes glistened sympathetically in the half-darkness.
  • I looked sympathetically at Anselo.
  • She looked sympathetically and eagerly at Catherine.
  • I asked, as sympathetically as I could.
  • Sheila grinned sympathetically as she completed the sentence.
  • He patted her hand tenderly and sympathetically with his uninjured one.
  • All look sympathetically at his stooping back, at his white tufts of hair.
  • A younger woman stood a bit aside, smiling sympathetically at the reunion.
  • Penny nodded sympathetically and walked back to make her report to Salt.
  • The Slavonian nodded sympathetically and the two men lapsed into silence.
  • And these nods of the judge's head became more sympathetically significant.

How To Use Sympathetically In A Sentence?

  • This time the listeners whispered as they glanced sympathetically at the speaker.
  • One sympathetically portrayed lesbian character in the many mixed affairs.
  • It operates with most force upon the large intestines and sympathetically upon the uterus.
  • Mr. Hicks nodded sympathetically and understandingly, and returned the confidence.
  • And all Tournon, the while, stood above us on a terrace and sympathetically looked on.
  • Henry Bliss's hand fell sympathetically upon the old priest's shoulder, as he shook his head.
  • The capacity for listening sympathetically when men boast of their wives and women complain of their husbands.
  • She looked at him kindly and sympathetically through her tears, and gave his hand a gentle little pressure.
  • For the best interest of the native demands that the two agencies at work for his good work heartily and sympathetically together.
  • To understand means to be able to see the situation sympathetically through their eyes, but without losing perspective.
  • She overflows with interests of every description, but she is never too busy to listen sympathetically to a child or a friend.
  • It deals sympathetically and humorously, not philosophically and strictly, with the panorama and the principles of life.
  • The lesser people were anxious to know the kind of characters they were to play, and a few were sympathetically eager to hear the play itself.
  • There was a look of resigned despair on his face and Mary smiled sympathetically at him as she went out.
  • Two kindly soldiers ministered to us and got us clean towels, and listened sympathetically to the story of our examination.
  • She had appeared quite sympathetically cheerful, almost jaunty, since her friend's engagement.
  • The ex-ringer operator was plunged in meditation for a while, the others remaining sympathetically silent, and then he resumed in another strain.
  • The will, as in all magic, is the motive power which acts sympathetically on the object of desire, that object being in a receptive condition.
  • Quimby responded sympathetically and understandingly, as Nattie hesitated for a word that would express her meaning.
  • It was lucky for him that his scene was set in Boston, which is always sympathetically on edge to embrace exotic genius.
  • She received the leaders of the Monophysites in the palace, and listened sympathetically to their counsels, their complaints, their remonstrances.
  • It must have been a life capable of sympathetically reproducing within itself all the great characters, men and women, of the Dramas.
  • I held it for a minute in my palm, with an absurd hope that I might sympathetically feel its character, before breaking the seal.

Definition of Sympathetically

Owing to or showing evidence of "sympathy", or affinity; happening through or demonstrating correspondences, whether occult or physiological. | In a manner which demonstrates a sharing in the feelings of others; compassionately.

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