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  • We many-dollared Syndicates rule all.
  • These syndicates were named from the colors worn by their drivers.
  • He 's such a busy man with railroads and syndicates and real estate interests.

How To Use Syndicates In A Sentence?

  • My affiliations with various syndicates enabled me to draw the necessary deductions.
  • Parties are syndicates for exploitation, and its forms become ever more shameless.
  • The way in which Syndicates and Trusts are regarded depends very much from which of these two aspects they are regarded.
  • The Dutch settled matters in a more practical way, long ago, by founding guilds, or syndicates of boatmen.
  • Though he went over the Pass and down the lakes and river with a push of money behind him (London syndicates are never niggardly in such matters).
  • These banks work in the closest harmony, not only with railway and construction syndicates and big manufacturing interests at home, but also with their respective foreign offices.
  • Again, dealers sometimes try to create corners and form powerful syndicates for that purpose: the dealing syndicate of late years has become a force to be reckoned with.
  • Incipient and even long-established Russian firms were either killed by unfair competition or compelled to enter the syndicates and forego their national character.

Definition of Syndicates

plural of syndicate
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