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  • The synod agreed with him.
  • The synod was utterly subservient to the emperor.
  • Gods and goddesses, all the whole synod of them!
  • A synod holden at London.
  • Let me know what you and your synod think on Bowles.
  • The synod agreed to send Maroger as preacher.
  • This paper put the Synod into a very ill humour.
  • Orleans, Synod of, 30.
  • Published by the Synod of Albany, 1827.
  • We find the Synod of Elvira trying to limit this freedom.
  • The synod of Dort XI.
  • In 1909 the Synod met at Okmulgee, Oklahoma.
  • Above all, the synod represented most of the Eastern bishops.
  • The demand was renewed sixty years later, in a synod at Whitby in 664.
  • Consult the Synod of Orange, by which the Priests of Marseilles were confuted.
  • XLVI Synod of Canadian 382 IV.

How To Use Synod In A Sentence?

  • Essentially the work of the synod is carried on in the same way as at the time of the fathers.
  • As a rule it would seem that the synod despatched their missionaries two and two.
  • Durand was the last of the preachers in France who had attended the synod of 1715.
  • After some further delay, a synod of about fifty bishops met at Rome the following autumn.
  • The chief difference was that at the Synod the Bishop as of right occupied the chair.
  • A synod was held at Arles as soon as Constantius was settled there for the winter.
  • The next year a new synod was held, and the action of the Synod of the Oak was confirmed.
  • The Prisoners were not brought to their trial till after the rising of the Synod of Dort.
  • The hymnal, authorized by the General Synod of the Evangelical and Reformed Church.
  • Rarely does any great synod or convention or council meet without some scheme or some aspiration toward this end.
  • The table is appointed by the synod from year to year, and responsible to that body in respect of its operations.
  • These pastors being trained and set apart by the barbes for the work of the ministry were named by the synod for their special sphere of labour.
  • The following words of grateful recognition have been taken from the minutes of the synod of 1912, the first year they have been printed.
  • For more than three weeks the synod at Cambridge wrestled with the most abstruse points of doctrine.
  • The General Synod of the Reformed Church at Wesel, in 1568, first considered the question.
  • The battle of Fladenheim was fought just as Gregory VII was opening his seventh synod at Rome.
  • The full and formal confession of faith is that which was agreed upon by the synod of 1655, and confirmed in the years 1839 and 1855.
  • In the synod at Leipzig the lawyers concluded that secret contractors should be punished with banishment and be disinherited.
  • The diocesan synod should become a reality; there should also be provincial synods, which could become national by fusion.
  • Was for many years Clerk of Presbytery, and also Clerk to Synod of Perth and Stirling.
  • A schism ensued which lasted half a century and was not fully healed until the synod of Aquileia, about 700.
  • A synod at Newtown condemned eighty erroneous opinions, and the general court then disarmed or banished all who persisted in error.
  • Cyprian and the synod of Carthage; the bishops of Rome and the occidental synods were utterly ignored.
  • The second meeting of the Synod of Canadian was held at Oak Hill Academy Oct. 1-4, 1908.

Definition of Synod

An ecclesiastic council or meeting to consult on church matters. | An administrative division of churches, either the entire denomination, as in the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod, or a mid-level division (middle judicatory, district) as in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America | An assembly or council having civil authority; a legislative body.
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