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Definition of Syphilis

(medicine) A disease spread via sexual activity, caused by the bacterium Treponema pallidum.

How To Use Syphilis In A Sentence?

  • Separate syphilis from gonorrhea for the reason that gonorrhea is a problem in itself.
  • Neither one contributes anything through syphilis to the uplifting of the race.
  • So it is apparent that as an infallible test for syphilis it is not an unqualified success.
  • Five times more syphilis in men than women conservatively summarizes our present conceptions.
  • It will remain for the future to show us more clearly the cost of syphilis in this direction.
  • The necessity for such a rule shows plainly how serious a matter a mild early syphilis may be.
  • If the germ of syphilis were equally hard to kill, syphilis would be an almost universal disease.
  • When late syphilis affects the vital structures and gains headway, the victim goes to the wall.
  • Attention should be called to the difference between the percentage of syphilis in a population and the percentage of venereal disease.
  • Here we are only concerned to point out how thousands who are guilty of these sins are afflicted by syphilis and other unmentionable diseases.
  • On our ability to recognize the disease as syphilis in the first few days of its course depends the greatest hope of cure.
  • Think of syphilis as a medical and a sanitary problem, and its last line of defense crumbles before our attack.
  • Serious syphilis is the late syphilis which overtakes those whose earlier symptoms passed unrecognized or were insufficiently treated.
  • The syphilis was very obstinate in this patient, compelling me to keep him under the influence of mercury for a long time.
  • No matter in what form it is used, the action of mercury on syphilis is one of the marvels of medicine.
  • In proportion to its prevalence syphilis is not very deadly, yet it has been reckoned as the fourth killing disease.
  • The extent of such damage to the welfare of society by syphilis is unknown, though here and there some investigation scratches the surface of it.
  • History affords little support to the lingering belief that if syphilis is done away with, licentiousness will overrun the world.
  • It is furthermore prescribed in India for syphilis and leprosy and is one of the many remedies used for the bites of rabid animals.
  • We understand pretty clearly now that the Wassermann test is only one of the signs of syphilis and that it has quite well-understood limitations.
  • In a syphilitic, least of all, is a single negative Wassermann test proof that his syphilis has left him.
  • The story of the conquest of syphilis is a fabric of great names, great thoughts, dazzling visions, epochal achievements.
  • This was the course of syphilis in Europe in the years immediately following the return of Columbus in 1493.
  • Francis died on the 31st of March 1547, of a disease of the urinary ducts according to some accounts, of syphilis according to others.
  • On this principle it is worth while to meet the problem of a disease like syphilis with an open countenance and straightforward honesty of expression.
  • There is something awe-inspiring in the quiet way in which one great victory has succeeded another in the battle against syphilis in the last decade.
  • Dr. J. Shortt states that it is an excellent alterant in syphilis in dose of 30 centigrams, morning and evening.
  • But this fact has not impaired the practical value of the test, since the other conditions which give it are not likely to be confused with syphilis in this part of the world.
  • Broadly speaking, the secondary stage of syphilis is the one in which the infection ceases to be confined to the neighborhood of the chancre and affects the entire body.
  • In the length of the incubation period and the comparatively trifling character of the early signs, the germ of syphilis betrays one of its most dangerous characteristics.
  • It generally is considered among physicians that the treatment of syphilis should be continued for at least three years after contracting the disease in order to remove all traces from the blood.
  • The simple facts of syphilis can appeal to intelligent men and women as worthy of their most serious attention, without either stunning or disgusting them.
  • Every day and hour the man who deals with syphilis in accordance with the best modern practice brings to bear knowledge that arises from our knowledge of the germ cause of syphilis.
  • Just as all syphilis does not show a positive blood test, so a single negative test is not sufficient to establish the absence of syphilis without a medical examination.
  • It is entirely possible in a given case of syphilis to accomplish by a sufficient number of inunctions everything that mercury can accomplish, and with the least possible damage to the body.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Syphilis | Syphilis Sentence

  • The germ of syphilis is no exception to this rule.
  • The germ of syphilis belongs in the latter class.
  • In syphilis and mercurial cachexia its results are less doubtful.
  • He thinks syphilis a rare disease now, compared with what it was formerly.
  • The evil eye is feared in Albania more than syphilis or typhus.

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