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  • What do you mean by systemic symptoms?
  • What systemic treatment would you prescribe?
  • What systemic remedies are employed in hyperidrosis?
  • By systemic (if indicated) and local measures.
  • The systemic circulation, Caesalpinus, 1593.
  • The pulmonic and systemic circulations, Harvey, 1628.
  • What systemic measures are to be prescribed in acute urticaria?
  • It caused me systemic disturbance and the consequence was eye trouble.
  • There is, in some instances, preceding or accompanying systemic disturbance.

How To Use Systemic In A Sentence?

  • What systemic measures are to be prescribed in chronic and recurrent urticaria?
  • The extreme cold has caused me systemic disturbance and the result is eye trouble.
  • The general health is to be looked after and systemic treatment prescribed, if indicated.
  • Show the relation between the functions of the arteries and veins both of the pulmonic and systemic circulation.
  • The disease usually appears in childhood or early adult life, and not infrequently follows in the wake of some severe systemic disease.
  • There is no systemic disturbance; but a variable amount of itching may be present, although, as a rule, it is not a troublesome symptom.
  • The symptoms of cutaneous disease may be objective, subjective or both; and in some diseases, also, there may be systemic disturbance.
  • In rare instances, in acute universal eczema, slight febrile action, or other systemic disturbance, may be noted at the time of the outbreak.
  • With systemic remedies directed toward a removal or modification of the etiological factors, and, for the temporary relief of the itching, suitable antipruritic applications.
  • It occurs to some extent in certain systemic diseases and also in some affections of the skin, such as ichthyosis; nerve-injuries may give rise to localized sweat-suppression.

Definition of Systemic

Embedded within and spread throughout and affecting a whole system, group, body, economy, market, or society. | (physiology) Pertaining to an entire organism.
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