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  • And d before t in stadtholder.
  • The abbreviation of double-treble crochet is d t c.
  • Men rein kem and t onhlest were that hju wet wrde.
  • The abbreviation of treble crochet, is t c.
  • K is often unnecessarily used after c, and t before ch.
  • Fon elder t elder, andere thene man.
  • One of the Bar T punchers?
  • In this case, v = 750 cc. and t = 20.
  • Had the foreman of the Bar T been listening and heard all?
  • In this problem v = 500, p = 740, and t = 20.
  • For the numeral letters of ten and eight are T H.
  • Day and night one of the Bar T cowboys watched him.
  • And T was a Tourniquet, vessels to squeeze.
  • Soient T et L les centres de la terre et de la lune.
  • O T ennyso N Robert Fulton.
  • Wralda kvmth t anfang and et ende, alra thinga geith in im vppa.
  • Let s be a dateram buried in x; and T the string to which it is tied.
  • He was in the rather bare and unornamental living-room of the Bar T ranch.
  • How the villain had tracked him to the Bar T outfit Bud could not imagine.
  • Closely north-west of 32 Vulpeculae is the short-period variable T Vulpeculae.
  • But first I think we had better start walking toward the Bar T ranch house.

How To Use T In A Sentence?

  • No sharp distinction is possible between p and b, t and d, and k and g if they are whispered.
  • He stood over Orren for a moment then helped him t his feet only to be pushed away by him.
  • The dog was so well behaved, he never took anything without leave and saying t a long grace.
  • Or they may agre in both and differ in the tuich, as f and v, m and p, t and g. 5.
  • But this did not mean for a moment that they had all returned to the Bar T ranch house.
  • The truth is, T believe, that such a snow makes too good hunting for the dogs and the gunner.
  • He lifted a shirt, and stared down at the Egyptian cat nestling among his T shirts.
  • This here Bar T horse was as cross-eyed as a saw-horse, until we got him ostypathed.
  • Again, the Bar T punchers had no call to drive cattle at night, particularly this night.
  • S was a Sailor, and spent all he got, T was a Tinker, and mended a pot.
  • For the last few days I have been a prisoner in the "guest room" of the Bar T ranch-house.
  • Examinons la terre T vis-à-vis du soleil S, et vis-à-vis de la lune (positions diverses).
  • Stelton was the one man of the whole Bar T outfit who had suffered from the boomerang of his evil plans.
  • With this suggestion, Orren was ordered t secure the coastline and he had one man placed every twenty meters on the southern shore.
  • In order to make a side connection as in a T piece, a ring of silica should be applied to the tube in the position fixed upon for the joint.
  • Now he was fifty miles ahead of the first flock and had reached the Bar T ranch an hour before dinner.
  • Larkin was not strictly a prisoner at the Bar T ranch-house, for this had been found impracticable from a number of standpoints.
  • There is no absolute distinction between the two cloths, but the T cloth is generally lower in quality than the Mexican.

Definition of T

The twentieth letter of the English alphabet, called tee and written in the Latin script.
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