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  • Elmore now tacitly abandoned himself to his fate.
  • They had tacitly abandoned this habit now.
  • It is possible that a trade had been tacitly consummated.
  • Instinctively she accepted the tacitly offered friendship.
  • Was she already engaged to him, tacitly or otherwise?
  • To which Diana tacitly assented.
  • The boys tacitly agreed with Ned.
  • To these poor conditions the Lone Wolf tacitly agreed.
  • His massing fellows had tacitly selected him as their champion.
  • Brevoort had taken another drink after they had tacitly agreed to quit.
  • There is nothing of novelty to them in this tacitly shared sense of gloom.
  • When all others tacitly drop a subject, he eagerly picks it up.
  • She turned her right-hand palm upwards on his knee, tacitly inviting his.
  • The campaign in Gallipoli is a tacitly acknowledged failure.
  • He had tacitly accepted the joy of defeat, a little ashamed, perhaps.
  • The noble gentleman for Diana was yet unborn, they tacitly agreed.
  • In fact, however, Georgina had been always tacitly held to be the mistress.
  • I have always felt, however, that Linda was tacitly given to me by the public.
  • Mr. Quorrall at any rate seemed tacitly to agree with Brindley.

How To Use Tacitly In A Sentence?

  • Why was she tacitly disobeyed when a swift and absolute obedience was imperative?
  • Often the meaning of a sentence tacitly implies that the commutative law does not hold.
  • Max felt that he held her at a moral disadvantage, and she tacitly acquiesced in this.
  • His remarks were undoubtedly taken in that sense, and tacitly resented by them.
  • They were all on the most friendly terms imaginable, yet each tacitly recognized the distinction.
  • It tacitly underlies every process of reasoning; it is the foundation of every act of the will.
  • In some, the limits, which tacitly it had been agreed upon not to pass, had been overstepped.
  • It was with a feeling of relief that he tacitly confided the guarding of the river to Zephyr.
  • The other was tacitly allowed to lapse; and there, for the time, the matter ended.
  • He was perfectly at home there, and dull as his eye looked, he tacitly assumed command.
  • On the contrary, we tacitly maintain a custom, and even a policy, of silent obscurantism.
  • It was tacitly understood between us that things were better as they were until that business was settled.
  • Williams was employed in some business, which all but himself seemed tacitly to admit was of infinite concern.
  • Even the most innocent and simple females for once in a year are tacitly allowed to use it, but very sparingly.
  • But when the food was before him, he addressed himself to it, tacitly rejecting all her attempts to whip up conversation.
  • They tacitly and joyously accepted it all, and left the solution of its problem to saner and happier days.
  • All you can do with it is to put it in the sun; and my aunt and governess tacitly agreed upon the same plan of treatment for me.
  • In speaking here exclusively of the mind, we tacitly assume its inseparable connection with the physical body.
  • Go with her cousin, and by so doing tacitly pledge herself as his companion on that longer journey for which he was as yet so poorly equipped?
  • That he tacitly permitted his followers to murder and scalp unarmed settlers shows that he was still much of a savage.
  • Indeed, it seemed tacitly agreed that the climax had come, so that there was no need now for further guardianship of the property.

Definition of Tacitly

In a tacit manner; done in silence or implied.
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