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  • He was essentially a taciturn man.
  • I get as taciturn as a clam.
  • The shrike is a taciturn bird.
  • The taciturn brigand grinned sheepishly.
  • The men were taciturn and obviously nervous.
  • Then the taciturn foreman lifted the youth to his feet.
  • He was taciturn at first, but later he talked freely.
  • In conversation Dante was taciturn and satirical.
  • A withdrawn, taciturn mood had come over Captain Shawn.
  • He is as taciturn as M. L. N.
  • During the short voyage Glen thought Jim taciturn and ill-tempered.
  • And the taciturn foreman's hard, weathered face wrinkled in a smile.
  • Williams the taciturn astonished the bunk-house by adding: "The kid is right.

How To Use Taciturn In A Sentence?

  • Oswald who had been merry enough at first gradually grew taciturn and monosyllabic.
  • In seeking to interpret them we penetrate a little into the psychology of this taciturn man.
  • His expression was through the pen, not by the tongue: no man was more taciturn in society.
  • If he liked to be silent he could, and if he seemed in a taciturn mood they took no notice.
  • He was as taciturn a bushranger as he had been a bishop, but Stingaree was perfectly right.
  • We all followed his example, even to the taciturn Spaniard, and took to the road.
  • Juan was a taciturn soldier, but he was amused at the efforts of Pedro and Roger to converse.
  • And she looked with great kindliness upon the taciturn person known to her as Mr. Johnston.
  • Longstreet is generally a very taciturn and undemonstrative man, but he was quite affectionate in his farewell.
  • Generally taciturn and morose, he was more than usually uncivil whenever any one ventured to speak to him.
  • The general had been unusually taciturn on the way, and it was evident to his aids that he was troubled about something.
  • A taciturn martinet of a major hugged a telegrapher to whom he had never spoken a single unofficial word.
  • However, he grew less and less unbending and taciturn the nearer the army of order approached the city.
  • They were taciturn men, and said little or nothing to each other, and when they did, it was in a low tone.
  • However, he proved a silent, taciturn youth, who seemed to converse with no one and to have no friends.
  • He mounted to his attic without exchanging a word with any one, and left it securely fastened to start on his journeys in the same taciturn manner.
  • In the evening the three gentlemen met in the spare room of the tavern where they took their meals, and were remarkably taciturn and ill-tempered.
  • Dreadfully worried, he sat in silence beside his taciturn driver, gazing at the flanking forest through which the white road wound.
  • They had lost their rifles, were sullen and taciturn from too much drink, and paid no attention to the knowing grins of the friendly muleteers.
  • Eliphalet was too frightened to wonder why this taciturn handler of wood was called Captain, and treated with such respect.
  • He moved about taciturn and reserved as usual, among the gaping crowd in his gingerbread-colored travelling cap, with his hands in his pockets.
  • Here he met an officer of the church, a man somewhat advanced in years, whom he had come to regard as rather reserved and taciturn in disposition.
  • Hardy, resolute, taciturn figures, they have passed silently across the pages of our history and we shall see their like no more.
  • He conversed with the alleged parent, a stolid, taciturn native dignitary whose accusations were confirmed by eagerly assenting followers.
  • He was a taciturn man, but there was something in Neilson that made him nervous, and his nervousness made him talk.
  • The studied, almost taciturn reserve of the typical level-headed Lancashire man was not proof against the claims of motoring.
  • His robust figure, his ruddy face, his sprouting beard, his taciturn manner, produced a singular impression on his comrades.

Definition of Taciturn

Silent; temperamentally untalkative; disinclined to speak.
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