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  • Will you allow me to tackle them for you?
  • We were now ready to tackle the expression.
  • I should like to see you tackle it.
  • The pack saddles and tackle are all in good order.
  • You'd need a tackle an' falls.
  • He would like to see him tackle Francis.
  • What a plucky fellow Joe was to tackle them single-handed.
  • That's why I'd like some one else to tackle the job.
  • And then we'll tackle the planets.
  • It's too big for me ever to tackle myself.
  • I couldn't tackle his work.
  • I couldn't tackle the brute.
  • The tackle had been already fixed, and the barge was alongside.
  • It was a bold thing on your part to tackle that subject right away.
  • I can tackle him,' said Bertha confidently.
  • I guess Mellony could tackle him, if it came to that, anyhow.
  • You ain't goin' to tackle that bug-huntin' trip alone, be you?

How To Use Tackle In A Sentence?

  • Who else would have the nerve to tackle a thing like this, to tackle it lone-handed?
  • A quartermaster, summoned from the forecastle, hoisted a block and tackle to a derrick.
  • And anyway, if trouble should come along, there would be two of them now to tackle it.
  • In the morning he would tackle it with some zest, with an inner eye washed clean by a long sleep.
  • For running tackle a shorter rod will do, and for this I prefer one of hickory.
  • Fishing tackle can be purchased or rented from several stores in the village of Estes Park.
  • Worms are procurable at some of the tackle shops, but anglers will do well to provide them for themselves if possible.
  • Upon the whole, we considered this an inviting region for any farmer who is not afraid to tackle the forest.
  • To bring home proofs of the principal's guilt it was necessary to tackle his subordinate.
  • In many places the guns had to leave the road, and to be hauled up difficulties with tackle and handspikes.
  • He merrily chinked a pocket full of silver and was all ready for what might next come along, and eager to tackle it.
  • The noise effectually drowned the talk of the trio on the upper deck until the tackle was rigged, and a couple of hatches were removed.
  • If you had been here in time to see me tackle this fellow you would have known what a hard time I had.
  • Advertisements of swimming suits and fishing tackle have supplanted the rhetorical decrees of the Spanish governors.
  • Its strength was certainly adequate to tackle with success the three German ships believed to be in the vicinity.
  • Jerry was lounging alongside one of the tents, engaged in getting his fishing tackle in order, for a try in the pool below the falls.
  • Its mighty lucky for you that you didn't tackle an armed man instead of Al there, this morning.
  • So we held council of war with Piegan, after which we saddled up and made ready to tackle the soaked prairies.
  • Fish may undoubtedly be taken in clear water and in good quantity, but running tackle and fine, and extreme caution are necessary.
  • Whatever they were she was quite ready to tackle them with a stout heart for the sake of Garrett Westenra.
  • And with weakened cattle, discouraged hearts, no provisions, the travelers had to tackle the high rough road that led across the mountains.
  • The other fellow loafs about the house as if there had been nothing, and Cloete begins to doubt whether he really means ever to tackle that job.
  • Bryant is playing at tackle again, and Smith, last year's centre, is in his old place.

Definition of Tackle

To force a person to the ground with the weight of one's own body, usually by jumping on top or slamming one's weight into him or her. | To face or deal with, attempting to overcome or fight down. | (sports) To attempt to take away a ball.
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