Tacky in a sentence

Definition of Tacky

(colloquial) Of low quality. | (colloquial) In poor taste. | Gaudy or flashy.

How to use Tacky in a Sentence?

  • It has been stated that the only known way of causing rubber to become tacky is to expose it to sunlight or heat.
  • There is sufficient evidence to warrant the injunction that tacky rubber should be excluded from contact with sound rubber.
  • It has been stated that sound rubber left in contact with tacky specimens was found to be unaffected after two years.
  • That some of it does become slightly tacky is certain, but on the whole native rubber, though crudely prepared, is usually sound.
  • The view appears to be held in some quarters that these tacky streaks and patches in crepe rubber may arise from contamination with oil or grease alone.
  • Experiments were made by one of us some years ago with a view to testing the bacterial theory by inoculating latex with small pieces of tacky rubber.
  • The varnish transfer paper will be sufficiently tacky to adhere slightly to the surface of the stone, so that the pressure may be repeated again and again with perfect safety.
  • Bacteria may be present in tacky rubber; but, on the other hand, many cases of bacteria in rubber have been observed in which there was no tackiness.
  • As the formation of resins is accompanied by the inclusion of oxygen in the chemical constitution, it would be expected that dry rubber becoming tacky should increase in weight.
  • The practice was found to be impossible, as the length of time required and the temperature were responsible for the destruction of the form of the rubber; it became tacky and semi-liquid.
  • Should this be allowed to persist, as would happen in the case of a breakdown of engine or machines, it usually results in the final crepe rubber becoming tacky when approaching dryness.

Short Example Sentence for Tacky

  • The jelly is extremely viscous and tacky to the touch.
  • As we approached the tacky little swaybacked ranch-house, he opened his eyes.

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